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The Water Closet

Glorious style and impressive function with House of Roll

A luxurious lifestyle is built through quality design, creative thinking, and a dedication to detail. That means every room of your home or cottage should be equally well-crafted with thoughtful consideration.

The House of Rohl collection of fine kitchen and bathroom fixtures and accessories from Europe, Africa and Canada provides plenty of options to add a touch of luxury to your living spaces.

Imaginative and unique faucets, sinks, tubs and more capture the essence of their makers – and the places they live.

Available locally through The Water Closet in Orillia, the House of Rohl is home to five diverse brands featuring the ultimate in artistic expression and craftsmanship to boost your home or cottage décor. Distinct offerings include works by Victoria + Albert (South Africa and England), Shaws (England), Perrin & Rowes (England), Rohl (Germany and England), and Riobel (Quebec).

“Their innovation, design and quality are timeless,” says Rick Cooke, Supervisor of The Water Closet. “These designers find inspiration in the world around them and bring it to their work.”

Canadian classic
Riobel’s faucet collections are stunning creations that exemplify luxury and symmetry.

Designed and made in Quebec, Riobel’s initial design inspirations go through 3D modeling before being engineered and equipped with patented technologies, and then are put through a rigorous testing and inspection process before they get the stamp of approval.

One of Riobel’s newer creations, the Nibi Collection was featured at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas. Inspired by the elegant lines of lighthouses, the Nibi Collection features straight, steady lines leading back to a rounded base.

“This collection has a solid substance that is evident with one look,” says Rick. “It brings back fond feelings of historical lighthouses, which are beacons, architectural icons, landmarks, and engineering marvels.”

Riobel’s Equinox Collection, on the other hand, is the essence of sophistication and contemporary style. Right angles and straight lines accented by gentle curves provide a striking design. This Watersense-Certified product uses less water than standard faucets while maintaining a strong flow.

“Chrome, black and brushed nickel finishes provide options to accent any décor,” says Lindsay Barrett, Designer for The Water Closet. “This collection is the perfect fit for modern environments dedicated to the perfect blend of form and function.”

Take a moment – or twoMomenti is Italian for “moments,” and isn’t everyone seeking impactful and inspired moments that create a wonderful life? This is the feeling the Momenti Collection from Riobel stimulates: the customizable bathroom fixtures allow for individual creativity in selecting each shape, curve and angle.

The collection includes floor-mounted tub fillers, lavatory faucets of different heights, and more. Choose a round or square spout, cross or lever handles and be creative with the variety of finishes available – even mix and match the finishes for a bespoke design.

Inspired by antiques
The Apothecary Collection uses the beautiful shape of old apothecary bottles that have become coveted collectables as the muse for its design. The Collection adds a hint of nostalgia and warmth to any space, with an enduring look that will never go out of style.

“Designer Xander Noori looked to the past for inspiration and brought it into the present with unique chamfered details, beveled edges and balanced arcs,” says Lindsay. “This has resulted in a silhouette of contoured elegance and nuanced simplicity.”

Handcrafted since 1897Handcrafted farmhouse sinks by Shaws are made with a process that’s been passed down through generations since 1897.

The fireclay sinks feature clean lines and natural shapes, and are moulded, poured, and finished by hand. They are twice-glazed and fired for two days at temperatures reaching over 1,200-degrees Celsius in specially designed kilns.

Made to be used for a lifetime, many Shaws sinks are still employed in English homes where they were installed a century ago.

“The Shaker collection by Shaws is especially striking,” says Rick. “Many sinks in this collection are beautifully hand painted with stunning designs inspired by the natural world.”

Be sure to visit The Water Closet showroom to be inspired by these and many other truly unique products, and bring the vision for your life to every room in your home.



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