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The Water Closet

Sleek design looks stunning in both town and country

In both fashion and movies, inspiration is often found in the urban landscape where the cool and stylish reign. And when it’s done right, that urban chic will still look stunning when it’s transported to a more rural location.

In that vein, the Studio S collection from American Standard can bring the appeal of metropolitan spaces into any home or cottage.

Combining sleek details with modern silhouettes, this ensemble of stunning pieces will turn your bathrooms into impressive, interesting, and engaging spaces that uplift your entire home.

“This collection is not only aesthetically exciting, but it continues in the tradition of American Standard products,” explains Rick Cooke, supervisor of The Water Closet in Orillia, where you can find the Studio S Collection. “They have a legacy of quality and innovation that has lasted for more than 150 years. The style and performance of their creations fits perfectly into everyday life.”

Whether it’s time to refresh your bathroom look or you’re in the process of building anew, the Water Closet experts offer a few recommendations to have your bathroom looking its finest. Featuring minimal lines and maximum impact, choice pieces from the Studio S collection will take any space up a notch.

Centrepiece vanity
Start with a white, 33-inch vanity that comes with two drawers – you can either wall mount it for a floating effect or add strong and sturdy legs. Should white not suit your style, a dark grey option is also available.

Add an ash countertop to the vanity along with an oval above-counter sink. Fashioned from durable vitreous china, the sink is a gleaming gloss white.

“If adding legs is your preference, the matte black vanity leg set really accentuates the contemporary look,” explains Lindsay Barrett, Showroom Consultant at The Water Closet. “Finish the vanity set-up with a matte black single-handle faucet.”

The faucet is engineered to conserve water, with a ceramic disc valve providing drip-free performance, and a user-friendly pop-up drain.

“The result is a vanity that is the centrepiece of your amazing space,” says Lindsay. “Blending both form and function for the ultimate results.”

Elegant tub
There is truly nothing more soothing at the end of a long day than soaking in a warm, comfortable bath. It’s a sensory experience, one you want to engage with all your senses, which means you need a tub that looks and feels amazing.

The American Standard Studio S freestanding soaking tub checks all of the boxes. With a soft oval shape and 17-inch soaking depth, the tub’s deep and seamless design features a high-gloss finish that feels satisfying against your skin. A centre drain allows for a relaxing soak from either end.

Of course, if you have a freestanding tub, you’ll need a tub filler to go with it. In this case, Rick recommends the contemporary round tub filler in a matte black tone.

The durable brass construction along with a rigid brass and copper waterway provides superior performance to match the lasting style of this element. The stylishly minimalist piece features an arched faucet, lever handle and a personal shower that is perfect for rinsing off, bathing children, and cleaning the tub.

“It’s the perfect way to indulge yourself and escape the busy world,” says Rick. “The tub and tub filler combination puts the cherry on top of an already stunning bathroom makeover.”

Continuing with the cool, minimalist aesthetics is the one-piece, chair-height elongated tankless toilet. The seamless piece features smooth and skirted sides which conceal the trapway. The clean and unobtrusive toilet complements the contemporary style of the entire Studio S collection.

With innovative PowerFlo flushing technology, the powerful and water-saving system uses only one gallon per flush to completely clear the bowl every time, while also being quieter than comparable toilets.

As always, the team at The Water Closet can help you add this luxurious collection to your home or cottage. They have a no-pressure approach and will happily help you pick out the perfect pieces to fit your décor style and personal taste. They also frequently work with designers and contractors to help meet any client’s specific needs.

“Our expert staff will help take your bathroom to the next level, and help you achieve that amazing celebrity feeling.”



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