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The Cove

Hewescraft vessels are made to handle ice-out to freeze-up

Ardent boaters throughout Ontario try to extend the boating season as long as they can.

They’re out on the water from the spring thaw – which can be as early as March in some places – to freeze-up in November or December.

While not every watercraft is able to handle the environmental pressures of early spring and late fall boating, one manufacturer has several models that fit the bill, says Michael Shaw, owner of The Cove Marina.

“Hewescraft makes incredible boats that serve a variety of functions,” says Michael. “Although their original goal was to create strong fishing boats for protected and open-water conditions, Hewescraft are great for cruising, entertaining and helping create the longest possible boating season for their owners.”

Many Hewescraft boats, from the Ocean Pro to the Alaskan, are built to handle rough ocean waters while providing a smooth ride. A deep-V hull and a sharp bow allow the boat to cut through the waves and smooth the ride, even on rough days. On days with a mild swell, a Hewescraft boat will run as smooth as a new car on fresh asphalt.

Shoulder season boating
Spring and fall often bring stiff winds, rough waters, and extremely cold spray. A smooth-running boat like the Hewescraft lets boaters enjoy an extra two or three months of comfortable boating.

“These are all-season boats,” explains Michael. “They are perfect for navigating the lakes in Muskoka and the surrounding areas. Even in high winds and choppy waters common to boating on Georgian Bay, these boats run true.”

Hewescraft vessels are designed for strength and durability. The hull is a 100 percent all-welded structure, featuring thick channel supports and box beam construction for increased structural integrity. The heavy gauge welded aluminum provides 10 times more strength than fibreglass.

Using aluminum rather than fibreglass has added benefits. It’s lighter, providing higher fuel efficiency on longer trips as well as making it easier to tow when traveling by road to new locations. The Alaskan and Ocean Pro models also feature a hard-shell enclosed cabin, which offers a comfortable setting in all weather conditions.

Hewescraft owners enjoy comfortable boating during the early spring and late fall and are able to keep on going when the rain hits, thanks to quality design and engineering.

“Just shut the door, turn on the cabin heater, and if it’s raining, run the wipers,” says Michael. “You’ll stay dry and warm while continuing to enjoy your time on the water. With the heater and wipers running, it feels like you’re in your car or SUV running down the highway.”

Good times on the water
Avid anglers love Hewescraft features like a live well for storing freshly-caught fish – or for keeping refreshments cold – as well as the under-bow storage. A raised gunwale keeps water out of the cockpit, while an easy-drain deck keeps the boat from getting waterlogged during wet weather.

“Hewescraft models are designed for heading out on the open water to catch large fish that love to fight,” says Michael. “These features also help maximize the enjoyment when fishing on less turbulent lakes.”

A ski-bar with two rod holders provides towing abilities, another must-have when living on the lakes in Muskoka. After all, when entertaining family and friends at the cottage, there is always time for tow sports.

And you can even sleep in the Hewescraft models that feature a covered hull. These come with seats that fold down to make a bed, perfect for a midday rest or a sleepover on the water. Added seats toward the stern give the craft additional style and comfort.

“These boats blend the best of all worlds into one strong and sleek craft,” says Michael.

An excellent fit
Longevity in any business comes when quality and service are put first. This is certainly the case for The Cove Marina and Hewescraft.

The Cove Marina was founded over 30 years ago, with an aim to deliver the highest quality products and exceptional service to its customers. Hewescraft is turning 70 years old this year and is still a proud, family-owned business that has earned a stellar reputation for building boats featuring strength and durability.

The two companies certainly complement each other, explains Michael.

“Hewescraft boats are the benchmark for versatile fishing vessels everywhere,” he says. “They fit perfectly with The Cove’s commitment to providing the best possible products to our clients. They could very well be the last boat yo



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