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Paint and stain will help boost your cottage’s longevity

A fresh coat of paint or stain does wonders for the curb appeal of our homes and cottages, but these cans also pack benefits that go much deeper than the surface. Especially in Ontario, where our properties bear the brunt of seasonal extremes, paint and stain can dramatically increase the longevity of any wood surface – from trim and siding to decks and railings.

While there are plenty of material choices on the market, Chad Gilchrist says nothing compares to the classic appeal of wood.

“All materials need to be washed and maintained,” says the owner of Roll-On Painting. “Wood, if taken care of seasonally, will continue to look great year after year.”

As the owner of Roll-On Painting, Chad says summer is the perfect time to repaint or stain your wood finishes.

When you visit your cottage for the first time this season, take a few moments to walk around and inspect it. Pay particular attention to the trim around the windows, exposed beams in the entryways, and any south- or west-facing wood finishes that see several hours of sun each day. If the stain is faded or the paint is cracking or flaking, it’s time for a fresh coat.

Choosing between paint and stain for your exterior surfaces depends on the desired look and level of protection. Paint creates a solid, opaque coat that hides imperfections and comes in a wider variety of colours. It offers superior defence against the elements but may crack or peel over time. Stain penetrates the wood fibres, enhancing the natural grain and offering a more translucent finish. While stain requires more frequent reapplication, it tends to wear more evenly and won’t crack or peel.

Perfect timing
While he’s often asked how often exterior painting and staining should be done, Chad says the more frequently it’s done, the easier and cheaper it is – and the better and healthier your wood will be.

“Deck coatings, for instance, fail faster because they are a horizontal surface. They face snow, rain, sun, freezes and thaws, without any incline to lessen the load,” says Chad. “They take a beating, so we recommend re-staining yearly.”

Repainting and staining every year doesn’t necessarily cost more. Waiting until the surface is weathered involves higher labour costs, as you’ll need to remove more of the old coating, spend more time sanding, and may need to apply two or more coats of paint or stain. And, as a bonus, regular reapplication means your deck will continue to look good at all times.

Prepping to paint
Before reaching for the paintbrush, Chad says preparing your exterior is essential.

“If you’re hiring someone to stain, they’ll need to clean and sand it first for adhesion purposes, before recoating.”

At Roll-On Painting, Chad’s team meticulously sands and cleans the surface to remove dirt, mildew, and cobwebs that can prevent paint adhesion. As the owner of a soft-wash and powerwash business, Chad can also remove any organic matter like mould and mildew hiding on your deck, trim and siding.

“Don’t paint over mossy, mouldy wood. You’ll want to clean it first.”

While you could prep and paint or stain your cottage yourself, Chad says hiring a seasoned painting professional to complete the task will reduce stress and allow you to spend your cottage weekends truly relaxing.

Flexible subscription options
At Roll-On Painting, Chad has made cottage maintenance even easier with his flexible subscription options.

“We’ll send you a schedule each season for you to select from,” says Chad. “Then we can schedule your service to be done while you’re away.”

While onsite, Chad’s team also creates a report of anything else they see that may need to be addressed: if you have damage to your roof, siding, trim, or eavestrough, they’ll let you know so you have all the information you need to keep your cottage healthy.

“We’re here to help you extend the life of your cottage, saving you time, money and stress.”

Prefinishing and offsite paintingRoll-On Painting has become a fixture in Muskoka since it began in 1999. Today, they are the go-to resource for contractors, renovators, interior designers, and cottage owners looking for a meticulous finish that will last season after season.

While they’re skilled to take on any interior or exterior paint project – residential or commercial – their large off-site workshop, equipped with cutting-edge equipment allows their team to pre-finish siding, trim, and cedar shakes quickly and seamlessly.

“We can treat everything before it’s installed – from pre-treating cedar shakes to pre-painting siding and trim.”

Not only does pre-finishing make painting faster and easier, but it also offers your wood greater protection from moisture.

“Pre-finishing gives each piece 360-degree coverage, evenly coated from edge to edge.”

Regardless of the age or style of your cottage, a fresh coat of paint or stain may be all it needs to keep it looking its best all season long.



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