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Plan financially to enjoy more of what you love

Whether you’re sipping your coffee, listening to the water lap under your dock, or gazing over the fairway as you prepare to take your next swing, chances are you’ve asked yourself how you can afford to do this more often. We all wish we could do more of what we love – whether it’s spending time with our family, enjoying our favourite hobbies, or simply worrying less and embracing the present moment.

The question is, when will you be financially ready to turn your dream day into your everyday?

That’s a question that Jed Levene is often asked as a Certified Financial Planner and the Managing Director of Rockwater Wealth Management.

“How much do I need to retire? Will I run out of money? These are two of the biggest questions I hear from clients,” says Jed.

While it’s normal to not have all the answers, Jed says that it’s important to have peace of mind, as fears around these questions can zap your excitement about the next stage of your life, and steal your enjoyment in the present.

At Rockwater Wealth Management, Jed and his team of Certified Financial Planners not only help their clients calculate how much they’ll need to accomplish all their post-retirement goals but also help them set up a solid, accomplishable plan to move toward those goals.

“We’re here to estimate how much you’ll need to retire, and help you determine where to invest those funds now to reap the best return,” says Jed.

While each client’s goals will vary, Jed’s team uses the same steadfast set of principles to craft each of their investment plans. “Sharing a common set of principles and beliefs is critical to a successful relationship,” says Jed. “Especially when you’re trusting them with your financial future.”

Principle 1:
Start with a planThe most critical part of crafting a financial strategy is to start by asking yourself why you’re planning in the first place. To begin without a goal, says Jed, is a lot like climbing into the driver’s seat of your car, putting the car in drive, and taking off without considering the destination. Eventually, you’ll become confused, or worse, lost.

“To be successful, we must first define what success means – that is the identification of your life’s purpose and the goals associated with that purpose,” he says. “Only then can we craft a financial strategy specifically designed to pursue those objectives.”

Principle 2:
Pick a plan-focused partnerWhile many firms focus primarily financial products – whether insurance or investments – Rockwater Wealth Management takes a planning-first approach.

“We know that decisions made in one area of our lives will impact many others,” says Jed.

A husband and father himself, he always likes to consider his clients’ needs beyond the 9-to-5.

“We all have families ourselves,” says Jed. “I’m not just a financial advisor. I’m a husband and father, and I love to hike and bike ride with my kids. I know that my clients have their aspirations and obligations to consider as well.”

By taking a plan-focused approach, you can keep your financial life properly aligned with your goals.

Principle 3:
Adapt as neededThe world’s markets and economy are ever-changing, as are our personal lives. Our incomes can change, as can our health and our family dynamics, so your financial plan should be flexible as well.

“A plan that sits on a shelf couldn’t possibly account for all that life will throw at you,” says Jed. “It has to be reviewed regularly to make sure it’s meeting your needs.”

He meets regularly with his clients to review their plans, and adjust those plans as needed to reflect the current reality.

While each plan is adaptable, Jed says you won’t catch them flipping an investment strategy with the dawn of a new investment fad.

“For your financial success, your investment decisions must hold up to current empirical data, research, studies, and common sense.”

Principle 4:
Prepare and investThe best investment portfolio accounts for life’s ‘what-ifs’: What if there is an unexpected death, health issues, accidents, lawsuits, or disability? By planning for life’s ‘what-ifs,’ and insuring against the risks, you give your finances a solid defensive and offensive strategy.

“We cannot control what happens to us, so we must be prepared for each of these possibilities,” says Jed.

Principle 5:
Think longtermThe team at Rockwater Wealth Management views every client relationship as a lifelong partnership.

“We’re here for the long haul,” says Jed. “Our objective is to provide advice that will result in the accomplishment of your multi-decade goals.”

“We’ll be here to walk with you every step of the way.”



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