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Rockwater Wealth Management

Find financial peace with a crystal clear management strategy

Examining the financial markets can give you the same level of unease as staring down a steep snowy slope. One foul move, you think, and all could be lost. That is, unless you keep your eyes on the path laid out for you, and have a coach helping you brave every turn.

It can be tempting to base your investment strategy on the latest financial news, but Jed Levene, Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director of Rockwater Wealth Management, says today’s market standings and media hype should not influence your investment plan.

“History tells us that we need to be prepared for markets to be negative roughly one out of four years,” says Jed.

Instead, always focus on evidence-based approaches to investing, to ensure the most logical approach.

“If you have a plan,” says Jed, “you can look ahead with confidence and make rational decisions as opposed to knee-jerk reactions.”

While this is often easier said than done, with the right wealth management team on your side, you can create a plan backed by time-tested, academically proven financial principles that will set you on the right track, regardless of how the market is moving.

Have a plan
“Whether your goal is to travel when you retire, have a large estate to leave to your kids, or put enough money away to fund your hobbies, it all comes down to this: have a plan; invest smarter; minimize taxes,” says Jed.

At Rockwater, he and his team work with clients to craft personalized financial plans that are focused on one thing: their clients’ goals. “Goals create a magnetic pull, they become our north star to guide our decision making.”

Once those plans are created, they become a roadmap for how to save and invest. “We don’t put your plan on a shelf and let it collect dust.”

Regular updates
Jed and his team meet with their clients a minimum of twice per year to review their plans, assets, and outlook. If course corrections are needed, then clear, actionable steps are developed.

These meetings are more than an opportunity to chat over coffee. Each client is given a report consisting of an asset map, a one-page plan summary, and a guardrails report.

The asset map details each of their clients’ sources of income, and their future sources of income including pension. It also notes which assets do and do not support their retirement goals.

“We take the time to review your estate assets – including your will and power of attorney – to make sure they’re up to date,” Jed explains.

The one-page plan then clearly outlines where these assets place you along the path to achieving your goals. “In this document, we clearly outline your goals, and how much has been saved, factoring in all aspects of current and future income, including pensions and old age security.”

“This report is complete with clear dollar figures, so there’s no guesswork.”

The guardrails report extracts data from the financial plan to determine how a client’s financial situation looks today and what steps need to be taken today to get back on track if needed.

“It’s natural to wonder, ‘Am I on track?’” says Jed. “You’re not a human supercomputer, which is why we break it down for you.”

Invest smarter
It is impossible to predict the markets, which is why Jed builds his clients’ portfolios with an evidence-based approach backed by academic study.

“Our investment philosophy continues to serve our clients year after year, regardless of the market.”

That means steering clear of trends, like focusing on a specific hot investment or pulling investments at the first sign of rough weather. “Jumping from one thing to the next to try to chase the winners only leads to loss.”

Instead, the Rockwater team diversifies their clients’ investments, including investing three years worth of income in a low-risk “shock absorber” that is not exposed to the equity market.

Minimize taxes
To protect your assets and investments, Jed and his team also look for the most efficient ways to minimize taxes – both when you’re earning the money and after you retire.

“Where you invest and when and how you withdraw your investments all matter,” says Jed.

This also applies to how your children and grandchildren will receive their inheritances.

“We consider everything from your yearly tax bill to estate taxes – an area that’s rarely considered or discussed.”

You’ve put a great deal of time and effort put into building your wealth. It’s important to have a wealth management team on your side that will help you grow and maintain it for you and your family.

As this year draws toward a close, consider making a financial plan one of your New Year’s resolutions.

“With the right plan in place, and a wealth management team coaching you at every step, you can let go and enjoy what lies ahead,” says Jed.



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