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Rockwater Wealth Management

Create a rock-solid plan built for your life

Life is not a cookie-cutter experience, and neither is your retirement. You may have unique family dynamics, aspirations to serve your industry post-retirement, plans to give back to your community through service and philanthropy, or an urge to travel the world and explore places you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Regardless of what you’re working toward, it’s natural to wonder whether you’ll have enough money saved up to support those dreams.

In fact that is perhaps the most common question among those who are approaching retirement, says Jed Levene, Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director of Rockwater Wealth Management.

“How much do I need to retire? And will I run out of money? These are two of the biggest questions,” says Jed. “If you don’t have the answers, these questions can zap your excitement about the next stage of your life, instead of inspiring you to move forward and plan ahead.”

Jed says you shouldn’t settle for not knowing how much you have available, and how much you need.

At Rockwater Wealth Management, Jed and his team of certified financial planners not only help their clients calculate how much they’ll need to accomplish all their post-retirement ambitions, but help them set up a solid, accomplishable plan to reach their financial goals.

“We’re here to calculate how much you’ll need to retire, and help you determine where to invest your funds now to bring your plan to life,” says Jed.

When selecting a wealth management team to partner with to create a retirement plan, it’s critical that you know and understand their principles and feel that they match your investment principles and mindset. “Sharing a common set of principles and beliefs is critical to a successful relationship,” he says. “Especially when you’re trusting them with your financial future.”

While everyone’s end goal is different, Jed and his team have a set of principles that they follow when creating an investment plan for their clients.

Principle 1:
You must start with a planImagine climbing into your car, buckling your seatbelt, and starting to drive without any idea of where you’re going, what route you’ll use to get there, and how long you’ll be gone for. The idea seems absurd, right? However, Jed says that is exactly how some people approach their financial planning.

“To be successful, we must first define what success means – that is the identification of your life’s purpose and the goals associated with that purpose,” says Jed. “Only then can we craft a financial strategy specifically designed to pursue those objectives.”

Principle 2:
Partner with those who are plan-focused While many firms focus primarily on specific asset types, like insurance or mutual funds, Rockwater Wealth Management takes a plan-focused approach then looks for investments that fit within the plan. This is because they know that decisions made in one area of our lives will impact many others.

“I get that people don’t just live within their 9-to-5 careers. We all have families ourselves,” says Jed. “I’m not just a financial advisor. I’m a husband and father. I love to ski and cycle with my kids. And I know that my clients have their own aspirations and obligations.”

By taking a plan-focused approach, Jed and his team are able to constantly keep your complete financial life in mind to ensure proper alignment between each of your life’s goals.

Building your plan
At Rockwater Wealth Management, each plan begins with a discovery interview to determine why you are investing, and what your specific goals are.

“Next, we create a plan paired with a strategy to make sure the plan stays on track, making course corrections as needed,” says Jed.

“Only then are we able to make an investment recommendation.”

Your ‘why’ and your plan are infinitely more important than choosing between Investment A or Investment B.

Build a better planWhether you want to ensure you have enough money to retire, buy that vacation home you’ve been dreaming of, or pay for your grandkids’ tuition, Rockwater Wealth Management is there to make your retirement planning a simple, stress-free experience.

“Our motto is ‘planning first’ because we believe products offered in the financial services industry are simply a means to an end,” says Jed. “If there isn’t a goal attached to a product, you probably shouldn’t own it.”

At Rockwater, your plan is not tied to a product. It’s tied to your aspirations. Once that plan is in place, it’s reviewed regularly with you to make sure your investments continue to match your goals.

Commonly asked questions:
• How much do I need to retire?
• Will I run out of money?
• Am I overpaying for fees on my investments?
• How do I make sure I am not overpaying taxes, now and in the future?
• How do I build a financial plan?



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