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Natural solutions for chronic aches and pains

Berni Vernon’s knee pain was an ongoing struggle until she found a natural remedy that worked for her. As a yoga instructor and holistic practitioner, Berni has always done what she could to care for her body, but her arthritis and osteoporosis made it difficult to follow her passions.

“The yoga was putting a strain on my joints,” says Berni. “But because I love to teach yoga, I knew I needed to find something natural that could alleviate the pain.”

That all changed five years ago, when Berni discovered the power of magnesium – a naturally sourced mineral responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions that allow our bodies to regulate everything from blood pressure to bone strength, as well as muscle and nervous system functions.

While magnesium can be found in nutritious foods like greens, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, most of us don’t get enough of it in our diet.

The magic of magnesium
Berni created a magnesium-rich cream and massaged it on her knees twice a day, and was immediately impressed by the results.

“I couldn’t believe how effective it was,” she says.

After only a week, she felt very minimal discomfort while practicing yoga. Soon she was sharing her cream with her friends and family.

“It turned out, most people are magnesium deficient,” says Berni.

After supplementing with magnesium-rich skincare, they started feeling more energetic, less stressed and were sleeping better than ever before. That was when Remedium was born.

Mineral science
The Remedium skincare line is designed to nourish your skin while feeding your body.

“Your body absorbs the magnesium in as little as 20 minutes and targets areas of our bodies that require it. Say you have pain, muscle aches, soreness, fatigue – the magnesium will target it, sometimes within minutes.”

Berni says that her customers often feel relief in as little as one week, and find they’re feeling less anxious and more rested than ever before, many of them leaving five-star reviews, raving about how Remedium has relieved their neuropathy, tight muscles, muscle spasms, and cramps.

“The cramps and twitching are gone,” raves Laurie Lang, a recent reviewer.

Ongoing relief
Nourishing your body regularly is easy with Remedium’s wide range of magnesium-rich balm, bath salts, and creams. Soak it in with a relaxing bath or target specific pain points with the hydrating balm.

Berni explains that applying magnesium directly to the skin – transdermal application – rather than taking oral supplements allows you to bypass the GI tract, giving you 100 percent absorption.

“In the magnesium balm there is over 1100 mg of magnesium chloride, which is the best form of magnesium,” she says.

Remedium can be purchased through local retailers across Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, or directly through the website.



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