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Prycon Custom Building

An impressive anniversary is a chance to look back and forward

Repeat clients are the goal of every business. But in the custom home field, that’s pretty rare. After all, how many custom homes does a person buy in their lifetime?

Which is why it’s so impressive that Prycon Custom Building & Renovations Inc. has not just one or two, but a large number of repeat clients.

“We have clients who come back to us years later because they’re ready to downsize, or they’re ready to build a cottage,” says Steve Pryce, who owns Prycon with his brother, Matt. “We’re their lifelong contractors, and it’s tremendously gratifying.”

Of course, it helps when you’ve been in business as long as Prycon has. The brothers founded the company 30 years ago, an impressive longevity in a business where startups come and go.

“We couldn’t predict the changes the world would see, of course. But right from the beginning, we knew we wanted to create a business that was stable and sustainable, that would grow in a steady, manageable way,” says Matt.

Building the team
“We have 25 employees now, but we didn’t jump from zero to 25 in just a couple of years,” says Steve. “We built a hand-picked team, slowly and deliberately.”

What that means to clients is that every one of those 25 employees – and the dozens of independent contractors Prycon also works with – have been carefully selected for their ability to contribute to the success of each project.

Some employees are relatively new to the field. Some are mid-career, and some are veterans who have been in construction as long as Prycon has. They all bring something different to the team. “Our younger staff bring energy and enthusiasm, and often some new and innovative ideas,” says Matt. “Our veterans have wisdom and experience, and a broad range of skills that come from working on all kinds of different projects over the years.”

They all have a few things in common, though, including a desire to grow and learn. That’s not by accident. “When we’re hiring someone new, we always look for the right attitude first,” says Steve. “Skills are important, or course, but those can be taught. What really matters is whether this individual will approach each task with a desire to do it exceptionally well.”

This is reflected in the four words that the Prycon team chose to describe their guiding principles: Caring, Collaborative, Passionate, Unparalleled.

Custom comes firstAnother shared trait is a passion for custom construction. “We’re not a tract home builder – we don’t build subdivisions; we don’t have six home designs that we do over and over,” says Matt. “There’s a place for that, but that’s not us. We build custom homes, using premium materials and innovative techniques.”

“Our team is made up of people who thrive on that, who love the challenge – and the exacting standards – that come with these kinds of projects.”

An eye to the future
While a 30th anniversary is a chance to look back, Matt and Steve also always look to the future of their team, and their company.

“It’s important to know what each person on the team wants to be doing in the future,” says Steve. “Some people absolutely love the hands-on aspects of the craft and can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else; other people are interested in moving in to project management, business management, or design. So, you can look for ways to give them a taste of that. And in the process build your next management team.”

Steve adds, “We need to be looking to the next 30 years as well. The company isn’t just Matt and me – it’s a team, and you need to be always thinking about the succession.”

So, what does the future hold for Prycon? More innovation, of course. The company is always researching new developments in tools, materials, and techniques. Prycon has been active in homebuilders’ associations for years, in part because it’s a way of keeping in touch with innovations in the industry.

There will continue to be more and better use of digital tools – ranging from a new website to collaborative apps that let clients see the progress of their home in real time.

Geographic expansion is in the works too. “We’re doing more and more projects in Tiny, Wasaga Beach, and all along Georgian Bay, for example,” says Steve.

And there will, no doubt, be adaptation and adjustment as the world continues to evolve. “A lot has changed since 1993,” says Matt, “but people still want their homes to be quality built and comfortable. That will always be part of Prycon’s way.”



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