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Muskoka Teak

Ultimate umbrellas can stand up to any conditions

Summer is in full effect, which means it’s time to soak up the sun and all the valuable vitamin D your body can handle.

However, there is a definite risk of too much sun exposure. And it’s not simply getting a burn that you need to worry about.

Too much ultraviolet radiation can have a range of negative impacts, from premature aging of the skin to damage that causes skin cancer. It also can cause damage to your eyes and suppress your immune system.

And all these effects can happen no matter what level of melanin exists; meaning even darker-toned people can suffer the negative impacts of too much exposure.

The sun’s UV rays are most potent between mid-morning and late afternoon, meaning it’s the best time to limit exposure.

But this doesn’t mean you have to go inside, explains Trevor Philbrick from Muskoka Teak. He and brother John have the very best umbrellas in the world at their Port Carling location.

“We have a variety of umbrella options to provide the shade you need while still enjoying your outdoor time with family and friends,” he says. “It’s a matter of picking which one will work best for your needs.”

The best umbrellas on the market all provide strength, durability, style, and function. Muskoka Teak carries FIM, Frankford, and Tuuci umbrellas – which are produced in Canada, Italy, and the United States.

Made in Canada with Italian parts that are imported for assembly, FIM umbrellas feature canvases that are sewn in the Great North. Perfect for almost any location, these umbrellas have an easy-to-operate 360-degree rotation that allows you to change shade options as the sun moves through the sky.

However, FIM umbrellas aren’t built with wider spaces in mind. And that’s when the Muskoka Teak team looks to either Frankford or Tuuci models for their clients.

Cantilever umbrellas from Frankford also have a 360-degree rotation, as well as a tilt system, that gives multiple angle choices for maximum shade throughout the day. With stainless steel hardware, and aluminum mast and critical joints, these umbrellas are built strong.

For those who want the ultimate luxury – think Ferrari but in an umbrella form – there is only one choice: Tuuci. The strongest umbrellas on the market are widely regarded as the world’s very best.

Made with marine-grade materials, these umbrellas will last a lifetime. Made in Miami, Tuuci umbrellas are created to handle extreme weather changes, with a market-best canopy and frame.

As John is happy to note, “you’ll never need to buy another umbrella; your Tuuci will last for generations.”

More than simply providing you with the right umbrella, John and Trevor will happily provide advice on the best location to place your umbrella. They’ll ensure you’re set up properly to have the shade you need throughout the day.

“Working with our clients we determine what their specific shade requirements are, and then suggest several shade solutions,” explains John. “We don’t tell our clients which umbrella to purchase; we empower our clients to make informed decisions.”

He adds with a bit of a laugh, “we have been doing this full time for 25 years. Outside of NASA, no one spends more time thinking about our position in the solar system in relation to the sun than Trevor and I.”

“We’ll be there on site with our expert eyes and installation techniques so you can sit back and get the most from your umbrella,” says Trevor. “You have to take into consideration where the sun rises and sets, where it will be sitting in the middle of the day and at different points of the summer season, and how to best cover your outdoor living spaces to protect you and your family.”

Timeless teak
While the amazing umbrellas will provide the shade you need, having strong and durable outdoor furniture that doesn’t crumble when exposed to the sun is also essential in Muskoka.

That’s where the benefits of teak furniture come into play. One of the strongest, most durable hardwoods on the planet, teak’s high natural oil content and tight wood grain mean it isn’t negatively impacted by sun and rain exposure. The naturally water-repellent wood is also highly resistant to wood-boring insects and fungus.

John and Trevor were well aware of these amazing characteristics when they opened shop over two decades ago, offering sustainably sourced, custom-designed furniture produced for them in Indonesia.

Through the years, Muskoka Teak has evolved their outdoor furniture lines with creative combinations, including matching the highest quality teak with stainless steel and other materials. Sofas, loungers, club chairs and other items are built to last a lifetime and ready for your enjoyment.

Visit their showroom – look for the iconic Teak Moose near the road – and find the right umbrellas and furniture for your needs.

“We have a dedication to providing our clients with the ultimate comfort and style they desire,” says John. “We’re here to give the advice and furniture you need to maximize your outdoor living spaces.”



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