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Muskoka Teak

High-end furniture and umbrellas are built to last

There is no substitution for high quality, well-built furniture that will last through the generations. That’s why teak is the top – some would say only – choice for cottagers in the know.

For 25-plus years, brothers John and Trevor Philbrick, owners of Muskoka Teak in Port Carling, have been outfitting their clients’ properties with custom-designed and produced teak furniture that is sustainably sourced from Indonesia.

Teak is the most durable outdoor wood on the market and Muskoka Teak’s furniture and accessories are well-matched to Muskoka’s environment. The wood is naturally repellent to water, wood-boring insects, and fungus. It won’t warp or crack, and it may never need to be replaced.

Teak is also incredibly low maintenance. It doesn’t require any treatment: just leave it to weather naturally and in time it will show off an amazing silver tone. If you prefer the golden tone of new teak, it’s just a matter of wiping it with oil every now and then.

“Our teak furniture will provide superior comfort and style for many years to come,” says John.

John and Trevor love to innovate, and are constantly adding new products. One of their best-known is life-sized teak animals. It started with a moose, but the demand was so great they soon introduced teak deer, beavers, wolves and bears. Trevor calls these items “cottage jewellery” because they are great accessories for the property.

They also have other lines of furniture, which combine the durability and strength of teak and stainless steel with the comfort of their renowned batyline sling. 

“We have several table and chair styles, plus unique benches and functional accessories to complete your outdoor living space,” says John.

Sofas, loungers, club chairs and other items are built to last and ready for your enjoyment. All components are water resistant, allowing you the convenience of leaving everything outside through the spring, summer, and fall. 

Stainless steel is a natural complement to teak – resistant to corrosion, durable, and with a high tensile strength, it too is made to last. The batyline fabric is a top-of-the-line French-made synthetic material that is durable and resistant to rot and mildew. It’s every bit as comfortable as traditional cushions, but it doesn’t need to be covered when it rains.

Muskoka Teak carries the entire Kingsley Bate Tivoli collection. Trevor explains that Kingsley Bate is the industry leader in stainless steel outdoor furniture.

“Beautiful, durable and stylish, it will last for generations,” he says.

Outstanding umbrellas
Choosing the right umbrella means considering its strength, durability, style, and function.

It’s why John and Trevor found the very best umbrellas in the world for their Muskoka Teak clientele. 

They carry three different lines of umbrellas, produced in Canada, Italy, and the United States by renowned manufacturers with three budget levels in mind.

FIM umbrellas are made in Canada with Italian parts that are imported for assembly, with canvases that are sewn on these shores as well. An easy to operate 360-degree rotation gives you ample coverage when you need it. 

While high quality in form and function, FIM umbrellas aren’t built for wider spaces. That’s where Frankford and Tuuci models come into play.

Frankford cantilever umbrellas feature a 360-degree rotation and a tilt system providing multiple angles to allow for maximum shade at all times of the day. The mast and critical joints are aluminum, the hardware is stainless steel, and it’s built to withstand strong winds. It also comes with various mounting options.

However, there is only one option for those wanting the number-one umbrella: Tuuci. The strongest umbrellas on the market, they are regarded as the world’s best and will last a lifetime.

Exclusively produced with marine-grade materials in Miami, Tuuci umbrellas are built to handle extreme elemental swings. A market-best canopy and a frame built to last generations mean you won’t need to buy another umbrella.

“It’s the most luxurious umbrella you can find anywhere,” explains Trevor. “Nothing beats a Tuuci.”

Stunning showroom
Those visiting the Muskoka Teak showroom in PortCarling will find more than just exquisite furniture, umbrellas and accessories: they’ll get expert advice on what products will best fit your space and needs.

It’s easy to find: just look for the iconic teak moose and other Canadian wildlife sculptures out front to know you’ve arrived. 

John and Trevor will happily provide the assistance you need, whether you’re looking at a 12-person dining table, a new umbrella, a coffee table for your Muskoka room, or any other item they carry.

“It’s important to find the right fit for your cottage,” says John. “We’re happy to help make that happen, so you will have comfortable, durable and exceptionally built products for your family and friends to enjoy.”



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