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Muskoka Teak

Take your cottage furniture to the next level

There is no substitute for well-built, high-quality products made with the best materials.

It’s a fact that brothers John and Trevor Philbrick know all too well. In fact, it was the choice of materials that got the owners and operators of Muskoka Teak into the business in the first place.

They started their business over two decades ago by having custom-designed furniture made from sustainably sourced Indonesian teak. As they have evolved their product lines, they’ve continued to insist on building everything from materials that match the durability and aesthetic appeal of teak.

The tropical wood is truly a remarkable material. It is naturally repellent to wood-boring insects and fungus. It won’t warp or crack or rot, even if left outside year-round. It can be treated with oil to retain a golden glow, or left to naturally weather to a lovely silver patina.

Well-built teak furniture may never need to be replaced.

With teak as their starting point, the brothers knew that any other materials they used needed to have similar attributes. Which is how they ended up using batyline fabric and stainless steel as part of their sofas, loungers, club chairs and other items.

All are built to last and ready to enjoy, and they are hassle-free. All components are water resistant, preventing moisture from causing rot and allowing you the convenience of leaving everything outside through the spring, summer, and fall.

Most people are familiar with stainless steel’s attributes: its corrosion and temperature resistance, high tensile strength, and durability.

Batyline, on the other hand, might be a bit less familiar. Made in France, it is a 100 percent synthetic material that is durable and resistant to rot and mildew. Seat slings made from batyline are as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than traditional cushions, and they don’t need to be brought in every time it rains. Batyline also doesn’t stain like cushions do, and is a much more breathable material.

Combining the three amazing materials into their newest lines of outdoor furniture is another way Muskoka Teak is staying at the forefront of high-end cottage lifestyle needs.

“They’re built with Muskoka cottage life in mind,” says John. “They’re strong, durable and heavy and will last as long as you own your cottage.”

Terrific teak
While their newest line of furniture is a fantastic blend of exceptional materials, Muskoka Teak hasn’t forgotten their roots.

A large variety of teak furniture is still available, including a 12-person patio harvest table with matching chairs, coffee tables for both interior and exterior use, bar tables, lounge chairs, and more.

The Muskoka Teak showroom in Port Carling is a great place to visit and get expert advice on the best fit for your property. And John and Trevor take pride in consistently outperforming their online competition on price.

“We only want to provide you with exactly what you need,” says Trevor. “We’ll make sure you have comfortable, durable and exceptionally built products for your family and friends to enjoy.”

Amazing umbrellas
As John and Trevor explain, choosing the right umbrella means considering its strength, durability, style and function.

To that end, Muskoka Teak carries umbrellas produced in Canada, Italy and the United States by world-renowned manufacturers with three budget levels in mind.

The FIM umbrella is made in Canada with Italian parts that are imported for assembly. The canvases are sewn in Canada as well. An easy to operate 360-degree rotation gives you ample coverage when you need it.

However, FIM umbrellas aren’t made to cover wider spaces, which is why John and Trevor also offer Frankford and Tuuci products.

Frankford cantilever umbrellas feature a 360-degree rotation and a tilt system providing multiple angles to allow for maximum shade at all times of the day. The mast and critical joints are aluminum, the hardware is stainless steel, and it’s built to withstand 35 mile-per-hour winds. It also comes with various mounting options.

For the ultimate umbrella, though, there is only one option: a Tuuci. Exclusively produced with marine-grade materials in Miami, Tuuci umbrellas are built to handle extreme elemental swings. A market-best canopy and a frame built to last generations mean you won’t need to buy another umbrella.

“Tuuci are the best umbrellas in the world and are made to last a lifetime,” says Trevor. “They are the strongest umbrellas you can own.”



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