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MSK BBQ and Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are designed to delight hosts and guests alike

Outdoor entertaining is one of the sweet pleasures of life well-lived in Muskoka. Combine the sensory thrills of the great outdoors with a delectable feast prepared for friends and family and well, can it get any better?

Muskoka BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Centre can collaborate with you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Owner Peter Briese delivers a level of expertise and passion for his products that comes across immediately.

“The care we take from consult to completion is a point of pride,” says Peter with a warm smile. “We’re invested in making each element of every outdoor kitchen we create work seamlessly for that specific client. We love the endless possibilities.”

The heart of the kitchen
Everything revolves around entertaining when it comes to outdoor kitchens.

For example, you might begin with a Hestan grill. The built-in grill with integrated rotisserie greatly expands menu possibilities. Hestan grills are known for their heavy-duty American steel construction and top performance, and this one features an under-hood searing burner and stainless-steel rotisserie. Other perks include dual lighting, a very handy variable infrared searing burner, and a counter-balanced hood.

Outdoor time is social time, and the Evo Affinity 30G Cooktop is a definite conversation starter. The very design promotes gathering around where the food is being prepared, drinks in hand and senses tantalized. Multiple dishes can be prepared right on the cooktop; pots and pans can easily be added to the mix as in traditional stovetop preparations. The circular design allows chefs to adjust heat intensity across inner and outer cooking zones. Preparing simultaneous menu items on this incredible cooktop means there are few restrictions on what is served.

For a more moveable feast, Muskoka BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen has a full line of freestanding grills from Hestan, Lynx, and Evo, among other brands. Think juicy burgers and kabobs down by the boathouse: a definite hit with guests who can’t bear to pull themselves away from the lake for too long.

And let’s not forget the other important food group: wood-fired pizza. The Stone oven by Alfa is truly a thing of beauty that can easily feed a crowd while looking fabulous. Its hybrid design lets you use it as a wood burning oven or as a gas oven.

Total package
Whether you like to run the grill yourself or leave dinner preparations to your trusted culinary crew, Peter, Jen, and the rest of their team work to create ambient, user-friendly outdoor entertainment spaces. Suited to hosting intimate gatherings, larger functions, or events in between, the kitchen packages can include sleek, heat resistant Dekton countertops, Danver soft close cabinets, and comprehensive refrigeration systems to complete the set-up.

“After we complete the installation, I like to return to show the client how every aspect of their new kitchen works. We prepare a meal and walk through each switch, function, and specialty appliance to make sure everything is one hundred per cent,” he explains.

Empowering clients in their own domains is a signature of the company’s approach. “I have no professional culinary training,” Peter chuckles. “But I love sharing this can-do attitude with the people we design for.”

While Peter is likely being modest about his skills on the grill, he’s quick to point out, “I also bring in as many industry experts as I can to the showroom to do cooking demos throughout the summer season.”

Outdoor kitchen experts
The outdoor space can be custom configured for an array of dining options, from wood-fired pizza parties and pancake brunches to a festive open grill to rival any Japanese steakhouse on a Saturday evening. Comfort, enjoyment, and style are key.

His own outdoor kitchen is seldom idle.

“My partner Jen and I make full use of our wood-fired oven at least three to four nights a week. We love the flavours, and we love to introduce people to the outdoor kitchen in action.”

So when they aren’t collaborating with clients or educating themselves to the highest standards on their line of elite, top-quality products, they’re cooking and entertaining. They walk the talk, in other words.

With a kitchen designed by Peter and company, your outdoor gatherings will soon rate five stars.



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