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Make the most of the season

While many boaters choose to moor at sunset, Moe Elnewishy, General Manager of Lefroy Harbour, says there’s no reason the fun has to end when you’ve docked.

It all depends on your marina, says Moe, noting that within Maple Leaf Marinas (MLM), there are three types of marinas to choose from.

Maple Leaf Marinas is the largest owner and operator of marinas and boat dealerships in Canada. The 100-percent Canadian-owned-and-operated company now has 20 marinas, including Lefroy Harbour and Kon Tiki marinas located along the shores of Lake Simcoe.

Traditional marinas offer basic amenities like boat slips, ramps, fuel docks and parking. Other marinas can also specialize in boat sales. And those like Lefroy Harbour and Kon Tiki Marina offer all of this, as well as a resort-style experience that extends boating fun into their acres of land surrounding the docks.

“Resort-style marinas like Lefroy are more than a home base for boaters, they’re a boating community for boaters to come to each weekend,” says Moe.

While many boaters still use Lefroy and Kon Tiki as a gateway to Lake Simcoe and beyond, their amenities make it easy to make their boat “the cottage,” and embrace boating season every weekend.

These sister marinas are just minutes apart on the shores of Lake Simcoe. They each offer their spin on the weekend boating experience.

For boaters who like a more intimate, boutique-style boating experience, Kon Tiki Marina, located on the northwest corner of Cooks Bay, has a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. It offers a relaxed community with playgrounds and picnic tables, showers and heated washrooms, and 40-ft boat slips– large enough for powerboaters, sailors and pontoon boaters alike.

For those looking for a cottage-on-the-water experience, with resort amenities fit for overnight adventures and weekend-long fun for the family, Lefroy Harbour is a great option.

This marina’s 86 acres of manicured grounds feature enhanced amenities, including laundry facilities, tennis courts, a heated saltwater pool, a restaurant, gas docks, and a chandlery filled with boating essentials, snacks, and apparel.

“Boating is about family, friends and special memories made on and off the water, and so is Lefroy Harbour. Here, it is not just a marina, it’s a community where boaters come up from the city for the weekend and either take the boat out or spend the weekend at the marina,” says Moe. “It’s like a cottage on the water.”

Buy where you boatWhether you’re a seasoned boater or new to boat ownership, the best place to get your feet wet – pun intended – is at your local marina. This year, Lefroy Harbour has also become a boat dealer to make it easier for boaters to find their dream boat on-site.

“At MLM, we love helping boaters find the best boat for their lake and lifestyle,” says Derek Lubert, Senior Vice President of MLM.

At Lefroy Harbour, you can find the best new models for Lake Simcoe, including Cobalt, MasterCraft, Rossiter, and Barletta.

As the largest body of water in Southern Ontario outside the Great Lakes, Lake Simcoe can be enjoyed in very many ways. However, Derek notes that some boats are better for this waterway than others.

“Pontoon boats and cruisers that have a length of more than 20 ft are perfect for Lake Simcoe boating,” says Derek. “Longer boats have greater displacement, limiting motion and making the ride more comfortable.”

For pontoons, look for a pontoon with a heavy-duty frame designed to make cruising comfortable, even on choppy waters, like the Barletta Corsa.

Barletta’s unique pontoon design is fashioned with wave tamers and lifting strakes, which act as reinforcements while keeping waves from reaching boaters and their guests and carrying the pontoons up and over the waves.

For water sports, look for a high-performance powerboat like the MasterCraft X-Star.

“While wake surfing is nothing new, the issue has always been that the waves behind most motorboats can be unpredictable, and therefore hard for the boat driver and surfer to handle,” says Derek.

MasterCraft’s SurfStar technology allows boaters to customize the wake using a simple touchscreen. “You can customize your wake by selecting the wave size and type using sliders and graphics, or choose from preset Rapid Surf settings, then save your surfer’s preferences,” adds Derek.

Ultimate boating lifestyleMLM aims to ensure every boater enjoys the “Ultimate Boating Lifestyle.” This encompasses assisting boaters in finding the perfect boat, offering a variety of marina options, and organizing long-distance rendezvous boat trips to enhance their comfort and confidence on the water.

“Rendezvous are the perfect opportunity for new boaters and seasoned ones to explore new locations, make friends within the boating community, and build confidence on the water,” says MLM President Dave Rozycki.

Join an experienced MLM captain for a guided two-, seven- or 10-day journey by boat to one of Ontario’s greatest boat destinations. Travelling with a group, you’ll build confidence in your skills, get to your destination safely, and enjoy social events, such as BBQs, receptions or floatie parties to help make meeting new friends a breeze.

“Check out the events on our website or visit us at the marina,” says Dave, “and let us help you live your Ultimate Boating Lifestyle. “



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