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Kempenfelt Windows and Doors

Reflect your style and love your view

Every aspect of your home should bring you joy. From your carefully selected furniture to the artwork on the walls, it’s about curating a space that expresses you and reflects your lifestyle, your tastes, and an appreciation for what you love. 

Simcoe County, Georgian Bay, and Muskoka are rich with year-round outdoor activities that offer all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle surrounded by serene waterfront vistas, and this enjoyment continues in the home for homeowners with expansive windows and beckoning patio doors. In our picturesque region, renowned for its natural beauty and charm, stunning cottages and waterfront homes exist in harmony with the surrounding elements. They seamlessly blend into the environment, reflecting the personal tastes and preferences of the homeowners. This creates a visually captivating living environment that showcases the careful design choices and aesthetic appeal of each home.

Timeless connection
When it comes to renovations, windows and doors play a vital role in connecting your home with the scenery surrounding it, explains Robert Maslen, founder and co-owner of Kempenfelt Windows & Doors. 

“Self-expression is a key priority for many of our customers,” says Robert. “That is why, when we visit your home for a free consultation, we will discuss your needs and go over all the options you can choose from to achieve your goals. We can help, for instance, if you want to open up your home to let in more natural light and improve your view.”

Aesthetic and practical
Cottages and waterfront homes have traditionally used wooden windows to create a rustic or coastal feel. However, homeowners are increasingly seeking more energy-efficient and low-maintenance alternatives. Vinyl and hybrid vinyl-fibreglass windows have gained popularity due to their practicality, cost-effectiveness, and functional advantages, such as being able to create larger openings due to improved strength.

“Many people with waterfront homes and cottages tend to desire the rustic wood look,” says Robert. “But nobody wants the hassle of having to paint or stain that wood every couple of years.” 

Advancements in PVC coatings and textures have made it possible to create entry doors, patio doors, and garage doors made of fibreglass or steel that closely resemble wood. These products require minimal upkeep and can be tailored to suit individual preference in terms of finishes, custom sizes, and styles.

They’re also incredibly energy efficient, and yes, they do qualify for grants under the current Green Energy program.

To enhance energy efficiency, PVC window frames have a low conductivity rate, ensuring minimal heat loss or gain. The best window designs are built with multiple channels throughout the frames, providing a thermal barrier.

“Vinyl windows have been around since the early ‘70s and have proven to be a consistently strong performer,” says co-owner Tony Miceli. “Even the top product lines can be cost-effective in terms of durability and quality, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years to come. They are completely weatherproof, standing up to driving rain, wind, scorching sun, and the harshest Canadian winters.”

Express yourself
Knowing that vinyl windows can look as good as wooden windows, and that you can mimic the texture and complexity of woodgrain on doors and garage doors, your options are wide open for tailoring your space.

Complementing dark frames with a Scandi-Modern neutral interior colour scheme and natural wood furnishings or flooring will bring a Transitional interior design style to life. Minimal black window and door casings that frame tranquil lake views can provide a serene backdrop for your personal Zen Garden experience.

Choosing high-quality, Canadian-made products gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other design details. Kempenfelt Windows’ sales professionals will collaborate with you to select the perfect look, feel, and functionality for your new windows and doors.

The company’s trusted manufacturing partner, Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors, hand-paints each order using a highly-rated PVC coating developed by NuCoat North America.

With a wide range of paint colours to choose from, including popular options like iron-ore or black, you can effortlessly express your style. For example, incorporating dark hues or black frames can create a modern steel look that elegantly frames the scenery, akin to a fine piece of art. NuCoat can match any colour from any swatch, giving you the freedom to have a hand in the design process.

Your personalized retreat
Building or renovating with custom-designed windows, doors, and garage doors allows you to express your unique style and embrace the best of waterfront living. With Kempenfelt Windows & Doors as your trusted partner, you can establish a timeless connection with nature and enjoy awe-inspiring views. 

Of course, you want more than just premium products. With three decades of local experience, the Kempenfelt Windows & Doors team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service. Their responsive, knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the selection and installation process, ensuring your needs, wants, and budget are met. 

Customers have consistently recognized the company’s dedication to excellence, voting Kempenfelt Windows & Doors as #1 in the Readers’ Choice Awards for 24 consecutive years. This recognition reflects an unwavering commitment to delivering quality, personalized service that goes above and beyond expectations.

“Your home is your haven,” says Robert, “and we are here to help you achieve just that.”


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