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Do it once and do it right

Muskoka is magical. Walking amid two-hundred-year-old white pines towering over billion-year-old bedrock and ancient waterways: everything about it is relaxing and like no other place on earth.

Your cottage memories, just like your outdoor toys and furniture, should be built to last. Make an educated choice and choose products that will last for generations: do it once and do it right. And put your mind at ease, because choosing the right furniture and cottage toys should be the last thing you should have to worry about.

Toys get bounced off rocks or scraped over rough ground, furniture sits outside in the harsh sun, snow and wind all year long. Everything gets covered in sunscreen, bug spray, red wine, and whatever you throw at it.

The solution is to invest in quality furniture and equipment to begin with. Then you can sit back, relax, and actually enjoy your time at the cottage.

The team at Indian River takes pride in carrying the highest quality in products. “We only carry those that we would use ourselves,” explains Kim Arnett.

Take a look at recycled plastic furniture, for example. They carry two reputable lines – Berlin Gardens and CRP. Why those two? “From our 20-plus years’ experience in the recycled plastic market, we have found that both maintain their integrity. They stand the test of time. It’s a testament to the quality of both,” Kim explains.

Both Berlin Gardens and CRP make their furniture using high quality recycled plastic. That means less work and minimal maintenance, which means more time for you, friends and family. “No matter what colour you choose, it’s all green,” Erin laughs.

This furniture is heavy, but manageable. It is meant to stay where you place it, all year round, whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, whether it be high winds or six feet of snow.

The beauty of both companies is they are constantly innovating and developing new designs and colours, in keeping with the trends. “From the fabulous two-tone sets that are now available, to their amazing wood grain natural finish that resembles real wood, but with none of the maintenance,” Kim says.

The range of colour choices is impressive. Some people like to choose a colour theme throughout the property; others prefer to mix it up a bit, with one colour on the boathouse roof and another for the outdoor dining area at the main cottage.

Small is big these days. Kid-sized Muskoka chairs, tables, and even picnic tables are now available. “Even your smallest guests at the cottage can have their own special seating area. Like the kids’ table at the family get-together.”

On the water
And if you think your furniture takes a beating, what about your in-water toys? Paddleboards, inflatables, water slides – they get jumped on, dragged over rocks, bounced off docks, and left out in the sun. And no-one knows how that hole got there.

“Oh man, they get abused,” laughs Erin, “Beginner and guest paddleboards get it worse than anything else.”

One of the first questions new paddlers ask is about the durability of inflatable paddleboards. “It’s a valid question if you think about it. But they are not built like your grandparents’ air mattress,” Erin says. “They are renter- kid- and guest-proof.”

All Indian River’s entry level SUPs are tough as nails. With drop stitching, heat-welded seams and nearly impenetrable vinyl, a quality inflatable paddleboard is virtually indestructible. “Inflatables are actually an excellent choice for beginner boards, or as a solution to storage,” says Erin. “They are rugged and also portable: just roll it up, stuff it in the bag, and you’re off to your next adventure.”

Choosing your board – like selecting any equipment like wakeboards, waterskis, foils, or any other kind of gear – really comes down to considering how and who will be using it.

Select the board suitable for the purpose it will be used for, whether it is just to escape for a minute and explore the shoreline, or something wide and stable for your morning yoga or a full body workout.

Similar questions arise with skis and surfs: do you want something that’s going to guarantee success for you and your guests, giving everyone a feeling of accomplishment? Make some happy memories and minimize the frustration. “Let us know what kind of rider you are, your goals and expectations, and we will hook you with the gear you need.”

That includes all the accessories, of course. “Lifejackets, ropes, handles, wet suits, helmets – we’ve got it all,” says Erin.

“Plus, we have an amazing selection of inflatables in all shapes and sizes,” Kim adds. Floating flamingos, ducks and dinosaurs, as well as every kind of water park, inflatable slide and climber you can imagine.

“We can turn your waterfront into your own family oasis. Let’s make some magical Muskoka memories. We have it all. We are your cottage lifestyle store.”

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