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Indian River Trading Company

Let’s get tubular

Summer is all about being in and on the water. Is there anything better than skipping across the water at top speed to see who can stay on the longest? Whipping across the lake, hanging on for dear life as the homicidal maniac in the boat tries their best to throw you off, screaming with joy or terror: there’s nothing like it!

Even if you are not in the tube, tubing is a rush… and a great spectator sport says Kim Arnett of Indian River Trading Co.

Erin of Indian River Trading agrees. “I just love watching parents trying to throw their kids off,” she says with a laugh.

If you have visitors who’ve never been on the lake before or are new to cottaging, tubing is is a fantastic introduction to cottage fun. “We carry Muskoka’s largest selection of tubes, whether it’s for a first timer on the water or a wild bachelorette party,” says Kim. “Every cottage needs a variety of tubes, from the classic donut tube that your grandparents grew up with to a five-person giant sombrero, and everything in between.”

“We’ve got some that are perfect for a gentle tow with little kids on board, and we’ve got screamers that will give your thrill-seeking friends an unforgettably wild ride while trying to keep their bathing suit on.”

And when you’ve got the entire lacrosse team up for the weekend? Hook a Baller-4 onto the stern of the boat and shake them up four at a time. Let the games begin.

Lazy lounging
Of course, even the wildest adrenaline junkies need to take a bit of recovery time. But why get out of the water when you don’t have to?

That’s where a 10 ft six inch inflatable C-Dock comes into its own. “These are totally tubular!” says Erin. With a chill capacity of six, and four removable back rests, this will the most popular chillaxing spot at the cottage.

If you want to sit a bit lower in the water, then a floating foam mat would be the best choice. Thick, unsinkable foam that has you and your friends floating at ease – or playing king of the island, battling to be the sole survivor left on board. There are endless options for the floating foam mats, including the Lily Pad, the Big Kahuna, Maui Mat or the O’Brien Deluxe water carpet line.

Or why not have an actual island? A Party Island, that is. Four, six, eight friends or more, all chilling on an inflatable island, all with their own cup holders – one to show, one to go… it’s an island paradise. “You really can bring the party to the lake with one of these,” says Kim.

Supreme surfing and stand up paddleboarding
Got your sea legs back after unwinding for a spell? Excellent: time to get on a board.

“We have an unmatched range of surfboards, wakeboards, skis, and more,” says Erin. “No matter what kind of rider you are, we can set you up.”

Whether you are trying wake surfing for the first time or looking to improve your wakeboard set, having the right board will help you reach that goal. “Setting yourself up for success is the first step. Have a goal and work towards that! There’s nothing like that feeling of bagging a new trick.”

Don’t forget about stand up paddleboarding. After making its debut 10-plus years ago, it’s back in full stroke. It’s a relaxing way to get out on the water, low impact, and a great way to cruise the lake in a new way.

“Whether you are a weekend warrior, or a seasonal resident, we have the board for you.”

High and dry
Eventually, though, you need to come out of the water. You are going to want to sit back, relax and reminisce about the day. Toasting your accomplishments, celebrating goals achieved, ranking best wipeouts and who paddled the farthest and the fastest. Overall, just thinking about amazing it is to be at the cottage with family and friends.

Let’s talk furniture. Cocktails around the BBQ, s’mores at the firepit, snacks on the dock or beer pong after the exhausted children are chilling inside. “There are so many amazing lines of outdoor furniture to choose from,” says Kim. “Perfect for every cottage.”

You’ll want a couple of Muskoka chairs at the end of the dock, of course – that’s practically a requirement for being in Muskoka. But why stop there? Add some deep seating to extend your living space on to the deck, some loungers on the patio, and a few more chairs by the fire pit.

And if you are parched after your long day? Well go to the bar, of course to consume your cottage’s signature cocktail – a free-standing bar, complete with sink, glass storage, an ice bucket, and more.

Recycled plastic furniture is made to withstand all four seasons, your wildest parties, severe weather and anything you can throw at it. If the bar could talk, it would have stories to tell for many generations to come.

“Whether you want to shake your lake or just sit and bake, we’ve got you covered,” says Kim. “We are your cottage lifestyle store.”



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