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Indian River Trading Company

All you need are the right toys to have a perfect summer

Summer, glorious summer is stretching out in front of you. You’ve got a cottage with a stunning waterfront. What more do you need to complete the experience?

Plenty! Toys, of course, and lots of them and a relaxing place to sit and unwind. Plus, all the accoutrements that will make your summer complete.

“Let us give you a hand. We specialize in creating unforgettable summers,” says Kim Arnett, who manages Indian River Trading Company with Don, her husband. “We have everything you need – everything except the water!”

The team at Indian River has been creating summer fun for 24 years. In that time, they’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a Muskoka summer complete.

The best way to learn about summer fun, of course, is to take part in it yourself. Which is exactly what Kim and her team do. “We don’t just sell products here – we use everything ourselves,” she says. “After all, we love Muskoka and summer fun just as much as our customers do!”

Of course, everyone has their own definition of fun. “We literally have something for everyone. Whether you are being whipped around behind the boat, or just taking in a sunset. There are so many options available.”

For sales associate Erin and her husband Ryan, a great day off includes time spent skiing and wakesurfing. “We love to get out there and try the whole menu of boards available to understand the performance offered by every individual board,” says Erin.

“Ryan and I both know what we like, and we have our own riding styles. Even after years of riding, I find it incredible how much a different board will change the experience.” By testing different shapes, Erin says she gets a personal feel for the way they respond. That is incredibly helpful in guiding a customer toward the right board for them. “Whether you are out for a leisurely ride or wanting to tick another trick off the list, we pride ourselves in having a board for every rider. Virgin to veteran.”

“When someone comes in and says ‘I’m an intermediate wakeboarder looking to get into wakesurfing,’ or ‘I’m looking for a great beginner board for my granddaughter,’ we can confidently suggest the appropriate equipment that will get them started off in the right direction to achieve their summer goal.” Erin says.

Comfort and conversation
For Joan and her family, waterfront fun is a bit more low key. Her ideal Muskoka time is sitting with friends in comfortable seating, enjoying a drink and some quiet conversation by the water’s edge.

“I have a conversation set on my dock – a sofa, love seat and chairs – and it’s my favourite place in the world to be!” she says.

Indian River specializes in an amazing array of high-end furniture made from recycled plastic. “It’s solid, it’s heavy and built to last for many, many years, holding up under the sizzling sun and the weight of the winter snow. We put it out in the spring and forget about it.”

Add in a 13-foot cantilever umbrella for some much needed shade on those perfect Muskoka days, and your seating is complete.

Well, maybe not quite complete. “You need to have a bar, of course!” Kim says with a laugh. Indian River has some superb bar sets that are ideal for dock or deck. “You can keep all the drink essentials at hand – very handy.”

“What is more Muskoka than having friends over for a cocktail party on the deck?”

Paddling the lakes
For April and Spyros, summer in Muskoka is all about paddling. “Spyros loves to fish, and he wouldn’t dream of being without a kayak for fishing,” says April. Stable and roomy, his preferred kayaks all have integrated rod holders, and plenty of storage options for all the gear.

“The kayak lets him get into every nook and cranny he wants to explore, but it also gives him plenty of stability when he hooks on to a big pike!” says April.

She prefers to do her paddling standing up, loving the feel of exploring the water on a stand-up paddleboard.

“Erin and I will often put our SUPs in the lake after work and just go out and explore,” she says. “We can unwind after a long day of work, and then head back to the dock for a cocktail as the sun goes down.”

For other team members, summer fun is all about bouncing on their own private water park – complete with an Ibiza water trampoline. Flying across the wake on a six-person water tube. Goofing around on a water carpet. Or just floating the day away on a giant inflatable moose, beaver, flamingo or swan.

Indian River carries all of these and more, including all the easy-to-overlook essentials from paddle vests to safety equipment, tow ropes to sunscreen.

“We are your cottage lifestyle store, and we really do have it all,” says Kim. “Just add water!”



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