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Indian River Trading Company

Jump right in to summer fun

Summer has kicked into high gear and there is nowhere better to be than on the lake. It’s time to get out there and get wet!

Let’s take it back to when you were a kid. You had a blast at summer camp and could not get enough of the water. Just remember getting yelled at to get out of the lake and come in for dinner. Your reply: “Just one more jump please!” Yelling at Dad to go faster, faster. Rushing through breakfast to be the first on the dock. Throwing on your bathing suit, still wet from last night’s swim. You were carefree and wanted to spend every minute of daylight on the water.

“There is nothing better than seeing our customers return to the store at the beginning of the season with the excitement on their faces, gearing up for a fun-filled summer in the water,” says Kim Arnett of Indian River Trading Company. “We are literally the CEOs of fun.”

Why not start off with a water trampoline, big or small? There are tons of accessories available, launches for launching your children into the lake, logs for balancing, a slide, a climbing wall… there are endless possibilities and combinations. Create your own cottage challenge! Who can negotiate the park in the quickest time? Go furthest on the log?

Whether you want a 25-foot trampoline for the entire family at the cottage or a 15-foot Bongo, the laughter you hear on the lake is absolutely intoxicating.

“Floating water carpets are also a huge hit with the family,” says Kim. “We have all seen them; it’s time to get one. Trust us on this one.”

Paddle fun
After you have finished with your cardio on the water trampoline, it’s time for a cool down with a SUP paddle along the shore. There’s no better escape than paddling away from it all.

“We will guide you through this decision-making process with what will work best for you and your family. Whether it’s a board for you to escape to the neighbours for a soda pop, or a quick breather before cleaning up the dock, we can set you up with the perfect stand-up paddleboard,” says Kim. “We have everything from fibreglass to plastic. They are lightweight and durable, so you can sit back, relax and be carefree. Our SUPs are designed to be on these lakes – something that anyone can get on and go.”

If your legs are tired, why not slide into a Fury kayak? They are not only comfortable, they are very stable and easy to paddle. The fully adjustable seat gives you all the support you need – it’s one of the best-handling sit-on-top kayaks on the market.

Sharing the fun raises a question, though: should you get a tandem kayak for two people, or two singles? “Tandem kayaks are great for the right people,” laughs Erin Gallagher. “Otherwise, we call them ‘divorce kayaks.’ Maybe two singles is the better choice!”

Fast and fun
When you want wet fun, there’s nothing better than wake sports. “We have one of the most diverse selections of surf and wake in the country,” says Erin. “You will not leave empty handed!”

Want to try to something new behind the boat? Why not give foil surfing a try? Foiling has been around for a few years, but is really starting to hit the scene here in Muskoka. “It’s a totally different experience, totally different ride. Switch things up!”

Naturally, a new sport requires accessories. Get yourself an impact vest, new rope and a helmet. “As always, we are up to speed on all new wet trends. Don’t stop there! Maybe you would like to keep up with the kids. Dust off that old George Athans ski and drop by for some new bindings. We have all the top brands in a range of prices.”

On the dock
After a big day on the lake, it’s time to relax somewhere comfortable and stylish.

“We are well-known for our extensive line of recycled plastic deck and dock furniture – heavy-duty, recycled chairs, benches, tables and far more,” says Kim. “Our furniture not only flows with the whole cottage vibe, but will last for years, and look fabulous.”

This year, Indian River is excited to introduce the Berlin Garden outdoor furniture line. It is high quality, well-constructed outdoor furniture. The designs are amazing, with something to fit any cottage energy.

Imagine sitting at your own private bar at the end of the dock: the perfect place to mix up a cocktail and enjoy it as the sun goes down. Maybe supplement your seating with some folding Muskoka chairs when extra guests arrive. They can easily be stored out of the way when you don’t need them and brought out when the crowd is gathering.

Naturally they come in a wide variety of colours,

“Whether you are looking for active fun or want to relax and unwind, we’ve got your covered,” says Kim. “We are your cottage lifestyle store.”



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