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Indian River Trading Company

The right products enhance outdoor fun

Welcome back to the cottage!  Whether you are new to the lakes or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of things to keep in mind as you gear up for the season.  Every family enjoys their cottage time in their own way, but what do we all look for? Quality products that suit our needs.

“Each year, manufacturers make advances in water toys and in functional and fashionable furniture,” says Kim Arnett, manager of Indian River Trading Company in Port Carling.  It may be a minor tweak to design, a major new development, or a brand-new line.  Either way the products are all constantly evolving.

Fun on the water

Now let’s skip to the good part, starting with surfboards. There is literally a board for everyone.  “Whether you have been surfing since you could walk or are looking to stand sideways for the first time, we are here to guide you through every step so you can achieve the best possible experience,” says water sports specialist Erin Gallagher.  “Our selection is second to none in Ontario.”

Choosing a wakesurf depends on the riders’ style and goals.  Do you want a skim style, surf style or hybrid?  Straps, no straps, or maybe you want to explore the foil. “This is our forte. Talk to us.”

“We can guide purchasers through it, and help you find the board that will give you the ride you’re looking for.”

Don’t feel like being behind the boat? Want some quiet time on the water?  It’s always nice to explore the shorelines as a group or alone, taking in the scenery and breathing in the fresh Muskoka air.  “We have Fury kayaks for one or two, iconic Langford canoes and Canadian-designed SUPs,” Erin says. “In keeping with the ‘family’ theme Indian River has worked so hard to achieve, we have pedal boats, SUPs and kayaks for everyone.”

When you are in the market for a SUP, the first question to ask is who will be using the board. “Is this for the whole family to use – kids, dogs, guests? Is your cottage being rented out? In that case, Rec Tech is the way to go.”

The store has been selling Pulse Rec Tech boards for eons. You can relax with these boards: they are tough as nails and can easily survive at a rental cottage or when you have your guests up.

If you are looking for something specifically for you and your family, the Pulse Traditional SUPs are not only a pleasure to paddle, but the graphics are over the top.  It doesn’t stop there, Erin says: they come with a matching bag, colour-coordinated fins, paddle and leash.

As for board size, it depends on who is paddling it. “Is it for everyone, or is it just for you?  We can help you get the perfect size board for any paddler.”

Furniture that lasts

When you are off the water and enjoying dock time, your outdoor furniture should have the same attributes as your boards: it needs to look great and perform well.

Alfresco dining is here and Indian River has a new line, Berlin Gardens. It’s perfect to enhance and level up your outdoor entertaining experience.

Made in North America from recycled High-Density Polyethylene, this is furniture made to last a lifetime.

“The feedback received from product we brought in from Berlin last year was overwhelming,” says Kim. “This year we have expanded the line.”

The furniture is heavy, so there’s no need to worry about it blowing away.  Naturally, it’s waterproof and UV resistant, so it can be safely left out in the sun all season long. “You can put your mind at ease,” says Kim.

“Not only is the furniture aesthetically pleasing with a huge colour selection, including two-tone, the overall design is timeless. And this tasteful furniture is incredibly comfortable.”

Berlin Gardens makes a wide array of products, including dining sets, fire tables in varying heights, outdoor islands with stunning chairs, and comfy saddle stools. Cozy up at night around the fire table, relax, and enjoy the sunset.  It’s fabulous for entertaining at your next cocktail party.

Indian River is also continuing a long-standing partnership with CRP. Their chairs are made in Ontario using nothing but recycled plastic. “There are CRP chairs on docks all over Muskoka – we’ve been carrying them for years,” says Kim. “They’re just a fabulous product, and they last forever.”

Indian River also boasts a huge array of other outdoor products. “We have listened to our customers over the years, and we have everything you need to spend quality time at the cottage,” says Kim. “Fishing, fenders, floating toys and rafts, footwear, furniture, fire pits and always friendly faces – we have it all!”

“We are your cottage lifestyle store.”


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