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HOVR Aviation

Making memories in the sky

A proposal atop a cliff overlooking a stunning Muskoka backdrop; a private picnic for two in a secret location; seeing the sun set with a view from above.

These are just a few of the incredible memories made even more special when you travel to your destination by helicopter.

HOVR Aviation offers a large variety of helicopter tours to take a special occasion like a marriage proposal or birthday to the next level, or just to have some fun with your friends and family.

Clients can enjoy fly-and-play golf tours, view the iconic Toronto skyline from the air, visit Algonquin Park on a private tour, or enjoy many more options. They’re all curated to give guests a whole new perspective on well known destinations.

“Our helicopter tours provide you with breathtaking sights, such as the leaves changing colours across Muskoka, or golden hour flying above the vineyards of Niagara,” says Jay McMackin, HOVR Aviation’s chief pilot and operations manager. “We also offer Fly and Dine experiences, like a fish and chips tour, or a picnic tour where we stop at a gorgeous location to enjoy a fabulous meal.”

Each tour provides a new and memorable experience to the guests on the flight, including special touches like champagne for two on a proposal flight.

“Can you think of a more romantic way to ask someone to marry you than to take them on a helicopter tour, and then propose while flying over a place of stunning natural beauty?” Jay asks. “It’s guaranteed to be a story told through the generations in your family.”

While tours are a fantastic experience for sightseeing and creating memories, a helicopter also provides an exceptional way to capture professional-calibre imagery. A photography or video flight lets you set up the shot exactly how you want, lingering over locations or asking the pilot to reposition to get just the right angle from the sun.

“The geography in Muskoka is best captured from above,” says Jay. “Seeing the vast number of tall pines and lakes takes your breath away.”

A helicopter flight can be an efficient way to conduct a wide array of other businesses, too. Investors can get an entirely new perspective on real estate, even scouting several properties in one short flight. Or make an impression on potential clients by inviting them to Muskoka and sending a helicopter to pick them up.

The full-service charter company also offers heavy lifting services, which is highly valued by contractors who need to access remote sites. Their clientele includes commercial clients such as Hydro One, the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and many others.

To support this wide an array of functions, the company has a fleet of different helicopters. Each one has ideal usage, with one being better for carrying building supplies, another perfect for sightseeing, and one that can carry six passengers plus their luggage.

Avoid the traffic
To make the absolute most of time at the cottage, nothing beats arriving by helicopter. Get picked up at home or the office and be dropped off at the cottage in less time than it would take just to get out of the city. And rather than battling traffic, you get to enjoy the luxurious comfort of a flight that includes flexible times and landing zones.

“It’s an incredibly time-efficient way to travel,” says Jay. “We can get you to and from the city without all the stress of being in highway traffic. Depending on wind speed, Muskoka to Toronto takes about 40 minutes; Muskoka to New York is about two hours.”

Helicopters can often land right at the end of your dock or on the lawn, or drop you off at a resort destination. Naturally they can fly you in and out of any airport, including Pearson International, Buttonville, and Billy Bishop.

“We provide truly door-to-door service in a convenient and memorable fashion.”

Flight school
There are those who take a ride in a helicopter, and they can’t wait to go back up: they have the bug for flying.

For those people, Jay and his team run a Muskoka-based flight school that can help feed the bug in a big way. Becoming a licensed helicopter pilot takes 40 hours of ground school and 45 hours of flight time.

“We’ll teach them everything they need to know to safely fly solo, and fulfill their dream of being a helicopter pilot.” says Jay.



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