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GBS Contracting Services

Quality shingles are built to last

There are two main factors that affect the longevity of your roofing: the skill of the builder, and the quality of the materials used.

Both elements are important, because even the most skilled contractors can have their excellent craftsmanship undone if they don’t use the highest quality products.

Mike Vettese of GBS Contracting Services says the best practice is to stay current on advancements in the industry and always be looking for the best possible roofing materials on the market.

While metal and flat roofs are growing in popularity, the most common roofing for residential properties continues to be shingles.

And when it comes to shingles, GBS only uses CertainTeed products. Mike says over the years they tried other products, but inevitably issues would arise that were not a result of the installation.

“The shingle roof product we use is by far the best in the market, I can say that with confidence,” exclaims Mike. “We know of situations where other shingle products have failed after only a few years of being installed. We’re not seeing those same issues with these shingles.”

He says it boils down to the way the shingles are built. Dual-layered construction provides extra protection from the elements. Copper-infused surface granules possess natural anti-algal properties that prevent algae and moss from taking hold on shingles. The shingles also come with a Class A fire-resistance rating.

As well, Mike points to a bonding feature that has an industry-best four points of adhesion to provide maximum wind resistance, meaning that each shingle forms an unbreakable bond to the one beneath it. Once it’s fully set, about three months after installation, it takes a strong tool and determination to remove the shingles.

“Three months after installation, you can’t move it or take it apart without a saw,” says Mike. “You literally have to cut them apart, so there’s no way the wind is lifting them.”

They also come with plenty of choice for colours and profiles to match any home style, whether it’s contemporary, classic, or modern.

“A lot of homeowners and cottagers really like the look and style of a shingle roof compared to other options,” says Mike. “It could be a bit of nostalgia with many of us growing up in homes and cottages that had shingles.”

Built to last
Mike is confident that when GBS installs CertainTeed shingles they’ll stand the test of time. If there ever were to be an issue, the shingles are backed by an amazing warranty.

“They’re the only company in the industry that offers a 35-year labour inclusive full replacement warranty for their top end shingles,” he says. “After 35 years it’s a prorated warranty up for another 15 years … so, you can be covered at least partially for up to 50 years.”

As five-star rated installers of CertainTeed shingles, GBS is able to offer this extensive warranty on their work.

“We actually went through this once,” says Mike. “We had the unusual circumstance of a bad batch of shingles from them about seven years ago. The tabs were coming off.”

Before the client was even aware there was an issue, Mike called CertainTeed. Their reps visited the site and inspected the work to make sure everything was done properly – which of course it was – and then signed off on replacement shingles without any fuss or onus on the homeowner.

“They said ‘take it all off,’” says Mike. “They sent all the materials and paid for the labour.”

The warranty is even transferable once, so if you install the roof and sell your home or cottage before the warranty expires, the new owners can at the very least know their roof is covered for the remainder of that contract.

“It’s a great asset to ensure a strong resale value,” says Mike.

More than shingles
Of course, GBS installs other types of roofs as well. Be it ridged metal roofing or flat roofs, they have expert installers on their team to do the job right.

In recent years, they have been installing standing seam metal roofs due to the combination of strength, durability and aesthetics. Mike says the standing seam variety is the next step in the evolution of metal roofing.

“This type of roof can withstand rain, snow, ice and other weather-related stresses, while providing extra protection with hidden fasteners,” he says.

The hidden fasteners are not exposed to snow and ice, which can cause loosening over time.

When installing a metal roof, Mike suggests using a granulated steel option to prevent snow from sliding fast and crashing onto the ground below, while adding snow breaks (commonly called snow guards) for added protection.

“A standing seam metal roof is sure to add curb appeal and will last a lifetime,” says Mike.

And don’t forget: it’s important to hire an experienced installer that is fully insured and certified, no matter what type of roofing you select.



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