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Enjoy a whole summer of fun with tailored dock accessories

Today’s active cottagers have an eclectic range of interests, and not just any dock will accommodate that versatility. Building on their classic easy-install dock with an ever-evolving line of accessories, CanadaDocks is ready for another sweet summer by the water.

“This season, we’ve developed the Roller Ramp, specifically for boaters and PWC enthusiasts,” says Paul Koziorowski, President of CanadaDocks. “This ramp is made from lightweight aluminum and like our classic dock design, it provides a hassle-free solution. Above all, we like to make people’s lives easier.”

As with every CanadaDocks product, the Roller Ramp is designed and manufactured here in Canada. The amazingly innovative design features multiple rollers that allow for easy watercraft launching and retrieval, even in shallow water.

Over the years, the company has perfected its contemporary, lightweight dock. Delivered in a compact kit, it’s easy enough to install in a few hours. These docks have a fresh modern feel and are extremely durable, built to last for many, many seasons.

“The unique design of these docks also allows you to easily add dock sections at any time, or even change your layout each season. People’s needs change and families grow: it’s nice to be able to accommodate all the needs customers have,” Brand Manager Alex DeFrancesco explains.

The company has a network of experienced dealers who know their local lakes and water conditions. With their experience they can recommend the ideal dock configuration that works for you and your waterfront. If you choose, they can build, deliver, and install your new dock.

This ease of installation comes in just as handy at season’s end, too, when it comes time to put things in storage.

But let’s not think about season’s end when it’s only just begun. Some very exciting new accessories are joining the product line as the temperatures climb and our thoughts turn to diving into our favourite lakes and rivers.

All kinds of fun
In just one family you might have a canoe and kayak enthusiast, a wakeboarder, and a SUP aficionado – or several. CanadaDocks manufactures kayak and paddleboard holders that easily mount to the side of their docks, or can easily be attached to most other docks. The best part is these racks securely hold your water toys off the side of the dock, so you aren’t wasting valuable space or creating tripping hazards.

PWC fans will be more than a little impressed with the Snap Dock Floating PWC Ports. These polymer ports offer easy drive-on access to the watercraft while also protecting them, and they can be mounted to the dock or be free-standing on auger pipes.

More than one PWC? Not a problem: these ports are designed so you can park two or more PWCs side by side.

The newly designed Fishing Rod Holder is a great gift for the avid angler who enjoys fishing from their own dock. It attaches securely to the side of the dock, and with its anodized aluminum construction, it’s made to last.

“It’s also height adjustable and easy to relocate,” Alex explains. “You can totally customize it to your preferred fishing position. We designed it to be easy to move it from one spot to another, so you can fish from anywhere on your dock.”

And it’s worth pointing out that the built in cup-holders are a brilliant touch: early morning coffee and fishing? “Forgot” your fishing rod but brought a couple of glasses of wine down for a sunset sip? Life is good.

With this wide array of well-made and stylish accessories, everyone is covered.

Accessibility matters
The company is also proud of some recent product innovations on the accessibility front. Says Paul, “We’ve been working with a few municipalities on dock designs that have built-in safety stops for wheelchairs, for example. And of course, we have our own access platforms that you can add to your home or cottage dock. They allow people of all ages to get into the water with less of a drop, which is important.”

Grab bars, kick rails, handrails and dockside ladders are all part of this key category. And this kind of thoughtful awareness is one of the reasons the business is thriving, with innovations that take all users into account. “We test everything in real world situations. We listen to the feedback we get from our dealers, from the people who use what we design.”

Easy ordering
The company site has an interactive dealer map that makes it easy to reach out to ask questions and discuss ordering. You can also have some fun playing with designs on there, too.

And knowing that the docks and accessories alike are always available because they’re made in Canada is yet another perk. The supply chain hiccups you might face elsewhere are not an issue here, and the owners take real pride in that.

If the whole lake already envies your sleek, modern dock, you can give them even more reasons to now.



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