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Transform your dock to suit your family’s changing interests

In a busy and ever-changing world, the cottage remains a place of rest, leisure, and entertainment. But if you look closer at your time at the cottage, you’ll likely notice that the way you spend that time isn’t static either.

“Families grow, interests change, family members adopt new hobbies and new water sports, as the seasons pass,” says Paul Koziorowski, owner of CanadaDocks, a manufacturer of Canadian-made standing and floating docks.

Over nearly 20 summers of crafting docks, Paul and his team have found that a modular dock system is the perfect way for cottagers to adapt to their changing waterfront lifestyle.

“The beauty of modular dock systems is that they can be customized and reconfigured as your family’s needs and interests change,” says Paul.

Each dock kit is constructed using premium marine-grade aluminum, making it lightweight, eco-friendly, and incredibly durable.

“Assembling our docks is a breeze,” says Paul. “Putting together a section requires common household tools and little time. An entire dock can be constructed and installed in one day.”

The unique design allows cottagers and their families to design their dock configuration and add sections at any time (even years later), as their budget or lifestyle changes.

Manufactured in Beeton, each dock is designed with Canadian cottagers in mind, with new accessories being developed each year to make your waterfront easier to enjoy.

Canoe and Kayak LauncherOne of CanadaDocks’ latest accessories is the Canoe and Kayak Launcher. This platform system seamlessly attaches to your existing dock, making it easier to enter and exit your canoe or kayak without the awkward balancing act.

“Canoeing and kayaking should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability,” says Paul. “The Canoe and Kayak Launcher allows everyone – whether they have balance issues, mobility issues or are just new to the sport – to feel more comfortable and confident transitioning between the water and the dock.”

Roller Ramp
The Roller Ramp is another new product that’s popular among boaters and PWC enthusiasts.

Installed at the edge of your shoreline, this ramp uses a winch to roll PWCs and boats onto shore after a long day of fun on the water. Like the dock systems, the Roller Ramp is strong, durable, and designed to adjust to your watercraft.

Its innovative design allows you to adjust the width to accommodate PWCs and boats up to 2,500 lbs. The wheels swivel to align with the hull, making it easy to launch and retrieve your watercraft, even in shallow water. It also comes with adjustable legs and foot pads to level and secure the Roller Ramp to any shore, regardless of its grade.

Ship anywhere
Thanks to its modular design and DIY-friendly approach to assembly, the Roller Ramp – like all the CanadaDocks kits – is light and easy to move.

“Our products come in boxes and can ship across Canada,” says Paul. “The ramp is no exception. It comes unassembled with the largest box being eight feet long, making it easy to take to a water-access cottage.”

While CanadaDocks has a range of options for all waterfronts, their kits have become a favourite with island properties and remote cottage owners – especially given that cottagers can easily transport and assemble their docks in a matter of hours.

Design online But with CanadaDocks, “easy” doesn’t just apply to assembly. “We’ve added a tool to our website to make it easier to create your ideal dock that fits your budget.”

Simply by clicking the “Design My Dock” button, you can drag and drop dock sections to create your ideal configuration, and get an estimate to find out how much it will cost. You can even add lounge chairs, boats, plants, and accessories to your design to help you visualize how the dock will function for your family.

Once you have a design and estimate, use the website to search for a CanadaDocks dealer in your area. With dealers in Muskoka, Simcoe, Georgian Bay and across the country, ordering your dream dock is easy. “A modular dock is where fun on the water begins.”



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