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Finally a dock and deck board that does what it promises

When selecting material for a waterfront construction project, longevity, strength, and performance are key factors to consider.

Whether it’s a multi-million-dollar project featuring a stunning boathouse, a floating dock, a deck, or a boardwalk, you need the highest quality deck and dock boards to stand up to the harsh conditions.

“Why would you use a 10-year product on your project when you can have a board that will last forever?” asks Jason Smith of Baycrest Distribution.

Those in the know are choosing a lifetime permanent solution: Owens Corning WearDeck. This top-of-the-line, 100 percent synthetic lumber product, which is supplied locally by Baycrest Distribution, has become hugely popular among property owners, businesses, cities and parks, and even ski resorts.

With specific features such as cool board technology, no static, virtually no expansion or contraction, and devoid of any wood, WearDeck is the one product on the market that ticks all the boxes.

The premium decking product is fully synthetic, making it a sustainable choice providing increased longevity, durability, and strength compared to wood composites, pressure-treated, or cedar.

WearDeck boards can be partially or fully submerged without the worry of degradation, making it the perfect option for any situation in, on, or around water.

Jason says there’s an enormous difference between WearDeck and other boards that are “resistant” to water, rot, and mould. The North American-made synthetic lumber is waterproof, rot-proof, and mould-proof, as well as being designed not to split, splinter, cup, warp, or fade. And they are also static-free, making Weardeck the perfect choice for marinas and fueling stations.

“Others claim to offer lifetime products, when in fact they are not. When these products are used in applications they were not intended for, the results are poor performance and failure.”

“Weardeck is the ideal choice for waterfront use or on back decks away from the shore,” says Jason. “They will stand the test of time and remain strong in the face of environmental swings and seasonal changes. WearDeck is the last board you’ll ever need.”

Awesome advantages
WearDeck boards are manufactured in a way that provides many advantages. The colour pigment and their heat-blocking technology are integrated directly into the boards, rather than being applied to the surface.

Plus, the proprietary mixture of additives includes a UV protection package and anti-oxidizing aids to ensure consistent colour and performance throughout.

This means the colour and the cool-to-the-touch feature stay true throughout its lifetime, never needing to be painted or replaced. There are 10 colours to choose from, including a new colour called “driftwood” created specifically for the Muskoka landscape.

“We have all profiles and colours stocked in Muskoka and don’t upcharge for specific tones,” says Jason. “We can provide same-day pick-up or delivery.”

Profiles include 1×6, 1×8, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, and 2×10 boards, allowing the boards to be used in a range of applications, including door and window casings, boathouse door trims and frames, fences, baseboards, and more.

Their 2×8 and 2×10 structural boards are approved for framing of decks and docks. They also provide 6×6 support posts, as well as 2×4 sleepers on fixed steel docks, boat house upper decks, and rooftop terraces.

Contractors appreciate WearDeck’s incredible span strength: the deck boards span up to 24-inches on centre and dock boards span up to 36-inches on centre.

Many contractors have commented that they are impressed how there is no cupping or warping and how dimensionally consistent the boards are.

“These planks just make sense for your home, cottage or even business on the water,” says Jason. “You won’t find this range of beneficial characteristics in any other board.”

Looking ahead
The no-maintenance boards can easily be kept in new condition with a broom or power washer to remove any airborne debris.

Their strength and longevity mean they’ll provide ROI and curb appeal for decades. If you’re selling in 10, 15 or even more years, your deck and dock will entice buyers.

“You’re definitely going to see the value if you choose to sell your home or cottage,” says Jason. “It’s the last board you’ll ever need to buy.”

Lifetime lumber products
If you are looking to change out your old boards or are building a new deck or dock, visit the team at Baycrest Distribution’s Lifetime Lumber Products retail location in Bala. They are happy to help you make the right choice for your project’s needs.

Whether it’s WearDeck for your deck or dock, or another synthetic lumber product like Trusscore for other types of projects, the team at Baycrest will provide sound advice.

Trusscore is a synthetic wall and ceiling product that is growing in popularity. Jason says the high-performance wall and ceiling PVC panels are a great option for interiors of boathouses, garages, and sheds.

The panels are resilient, waterproof, abuse-resistant – and pressure washable – as well as being strong, lightweight, and easy to install, making them ideal for workspaces and high-traffic locations as an alternative to painted drywall or interior wood cladding.

No matter what project you’re completing, it makes good sense to use the best materials available for the job. The team at Baycrest Distribution will help you make the right choice for your lumber needs.

“We are Muskoka’s popular choice for supply and knowledge of True Lifetime Lumber Products. Our staff has extensive experience with all brands to help you make an educated decision that’s right for your project.”



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