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Baycrest Distribution

The last dock or deck board you’ll ever need

Building a dock, deck or boathouse in Muskoka is a huge investment.

It’s why choosing the best materials on the market to complete the project is essential to its success.

That includes quality dock and deck boards that match the quality of the work being done, says Jason Smith of Baycrest Distribution.

“The best options on the market are dock and deck boards that tick a lot of boxes. They need to be strong and resilient, long-lasting, stable, convenient to install, and require minimal maintenance,” explains Jason.

Synthetic lumber products from WearDeck and Lumberock check all these feature boxes and more: they are also waterproof, rot proof, mould proof, and insect proof.

Jason points out that “proof” is a key characteristic, as opposed to those boards on the market which provide only resistance to water, rot, and mould. The boards he recommends can be completely submerged without any harm, and are designed not to split, splinter, stain, or fade. 

“The fully synthetic lumber products we distribute have no organic materials in them,” says Jason. “This means you won’t have to worry about moisture-related issues popping up in the future such as warping, cupping or twisting.”

A more recent addition to the marketplace, WearDeck offers all the benefits people expect from synthetic lumber while being dimensionally stable, static-free and providing increased span strength for installations.

“This is a true dock board,” says Jason. “It is designed to be a dock-first product that is also for a deck. It can bridge gaps up to 36 inches wide, while remaining secure and in place without fear of expansion and contraction issues.”

North American made, WearDeck comes in nine colour choices including white and a gorgeous black that provide a true Muskoka feel.

Other features of Wear
Deck include slip resistance and user-friendly installation. The boards are static free and low maintenance – most debris can be swept away or hosed off – as well as being thermally stable with minimal contraction or expansion.

“The boards also have heat reflective technology, which provides comfort underfoot on the hottest of summer days,” explains Jason. 

In person views
Baycrest Distribution recently opened their Lifetime Lumber Products retail location in Bala to better suit their clientele.

Jason says it’s important for cottagers and homeowners to be able to touch and feel the products before making those important deck and dock board purchasing decisions.

“The name of the store comes from the fact our products come with a lifetime warranty,” he says. “They stand the test of time.”

The store features an array of different top-of-the-line synthetic lumber products, and a staff who can advise on the best boards, fasteners and materials for your project.

Walls and ceilings
Trusscore is a high performance synthetic wall and ceiling product that is a great option for interiors of boathouses, garages, and sheds.

The strong, lightweight and easy to install PVC panels provide an alternative to painted drywall or fibre-reinforced plastic panels. The panels are resilient, waterproof, abuse-resistant – and pressure washable – making them ideal for work spaces and high traffic locations.

“They have a bright and clean finish that is comparable to drywall, yet superior in strength and durability,” says Jason.

No matter what project you’re completing, it makes good sense to use the best materials available for the job. The Baycrest Distribution team will help you choose the right products for your project.



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