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Baycrest Distribution

Start by choosing the right materials

Too many times the choice of lumber is the very last decision made when building a deck, dock, or even a boathouse.

And all too often, the homeowner goes with a less expensive short-term option up front only to realize their costs end up being more in the long run, says Jason Smith of Baycrest Distribution.

He notes that the choice of lumber for your project should be at the forefront of the planning process and be incorporated into a budget from the outset. This will prevent last-second decisions which may not yield the best results.

“Why would anyone compromise their deck, dock or boathouse projects with materials that will rot and deteriorate over time?” he asks. This could lead to other issues, including the worst-case scenario of a full rebuild, or at the very least having to frequently replace boards over the years. As well, the maintenance costs in both time and money add up quickly.

“Many offshore brands and wood-based composites have compromised deck and dock projects,” he says. “Unless the products you’re using are fully synthetic, there will be issues sooner or later.”

He suggests choosing a durable, lifetime product like the several made-in-North America synthetic lumber products carried by Baycrest Distribution.

“Not every board is a great fit for every project, so by having an in-depth conversation about each project, we can pinpoint what will be the best choice,” says Jason.

Baycrest Distribution offers boards with increased strength that can clear span up to 36 inches, making it more desirable to builders than previous synthetic boards which didn’t have these capabilities.

Combine the increased span with being UV resistant and waterproof, and you’re looking at a premium board well suited for the harsh Ontario environment, especially in the snow belt and cottage country.

An impermeable surface provides protection from water, mold, mildew, insects, and all forms of weather. Because synthetic boards contain no organic material at all, they are completely rot-proof. The boards can be permanently submerged in water without any harm, and are designed not to split, splinter, stain, or fade.

“These durable, low-maintenance products will have you smiling from ear to ear as you watch others spend half their summer doing maintenance and repairs – or worse, full replacements,” says Jason. “We have board options that are cooler underfoot on those hot summer days. Combined with a realistic grain pattern, it makes for a great board.”

“Why spend hard earned money for a product that will last less than 10 years, when you can buy a lifetime product just once? You will see a return on investment within a short period of time.”

Synthetic lumber is stocked locally, making it easy for Baycrest Distribution to provide fast delivery throughout Ontario.

Get creative
Jason says synthetic lumber can be used in a variety of creative ways, be it fencing, trim for windows and doors, seawall cladding, privacy fences, outdoor furniture, benches and more.

Because the boards are solid with a uniform colour throughout, synthetic lumber can be cut and shaped in just the same way as wood, including ripping, sanding, routing, beveling, scribing, bending, and planing.

“We provide a large array of thicknesses, widths and colours – including black and white – so you can really stretch your imagination when thinking about what to build,” says Jason. “Our products have been used to create boardwalks, stages, outdoor bars, fences, gable vents, custom railings, window and door trim, vertical wall board, and even floors and ceilings in Muskoka rooms.”

The versatile product also comes in tongue-and-groove boards – which is useful when trying to create a dry space or keeping the bugs out.

“Carpenters also find it easy to work with our boards using on-site milling stations and select tools to get the results they want,” says Jason.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what project you’re working on: it makes good sense to use the best materials available for the job.

“Folks are investing a lot of money into their home, cottage, slope-side and waterfront properties,” says Jason. “Using lifetime lumber is the best choice they can make.”

Regardless of what you’re building, well-chosen materials will give it longevity. Jason and his team will help you select the right synthetic lumber for your needs.

Baycrest Distribution has a new showroom location in Bala Ontario. It is open by appointment during the winter months for on-site visits and returning to regular hours early in the new year. Check their website for updates.



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