3D imagery makes it easy to visualize how a project will look when construction is complete

You’ve purchased lot, met with an architect, and now you have the plans in hand. You stand on the property, trying to envision your dream home. But it’s just not happening.

What you really need is a 3D rendering, one that shows every detail of your new home’s interior from furniture and lighting to the views from the windows.

“We understand how difficult it can be to imagine oneself in a space when standing in a vacant lot,” says Rebecca LeClaire, lead designer for Ask4Design. “A floorplan doesn’t quite spur the imagination either.”

Interior design specialists, Ask4Design can take an architect’s blueprints and provide 3D renderings that bring the plan to life.

Renderings can incorporate on-site photography to show the views from the windows and doors. Lighting levels can be depicted – and adjusted as necessary, to ensure that the builders install the number and type of lighting fixtures the homeowner desires.

The process allows Ask4Design clients to really picture themselves in each room and make changes to the plans before breaking ground.

Even without 3D renderings, getting interior designers involved at the very beginning of the process is just smart building. It leads to good decisions being made at the planning stage, avoiding stressful situations later in the process.

“This provides a comfort level for our clients,” says Rebecca. “Having everything planned in advance reduces changes mid-build, which helps with timing and efficiency. It also means you’re getting exactly what you want.”

Trying to fix or change interiors after the fact can also be quite costly: good planning using quality renderings can save you money in the long run.

“It’s always a good idea to invest time and money into the planning process,” says Rebecca. “That way you can move in and feel relaxed once the project is complete.”

Ask4Design believes great designs are those which blend aesthetics and purpose. For this reason, they get to know each of their clients’ personalities and interests. Building these relationships leads to better understanding and great results.

“Whether their tastes lean towards modern, contemporary, traditional, classic, or something completely different, we love to help our clients build their happy place,” says Rebecca. “We’ll find the style and function that fits you best.”

To ensure the completed project is just what was planned, Ask4Design’s team will check in throughout the build, and keep their clients well-informed with regular updates. Rebecca makes sure to be on site as furniture and fixtures are delivered, labelling items so they are placed in the correct rooms.

“We want to create an enjoyable experience from start to finish for all our clients.



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