Durable awnings offer great protection

Weather swings are a fact of life in Muskoka. One moment you’re enjoying a sunny boat ride, the next you’re heading for cover to avoid a sudden burst of rain.

A cantilevered awning, dock slip cover, or car shelter offers that protection from UV rays and rain, as well as pine gum, bird droppings, and other debris that can damage valuables such as boats, cars, and furniture. They’re also great for keeping people dry and shaded too.

Aquadome is also a dealer for retractable awnings, which are great to shade patios and seating areas on docks and decks.

Because properties come in all shapes and sizes, the best overhead protection is custom designed to suit the property. Muskoka-based Aquadome designs and manufactures their own shade solutions, building them locally to suit each individual property. A tightly fitted marine-grade canopy and strong frame construction provide durability.

A custom design will also allow you to choose a colour that complements the building – Aquadome manufactured products come in 20 fabric colours. Frames are available in a silvery aluminum tone or in a powder coat to suit your colour needs. And the support structure can be mounted on both sides of a boat slip or cantilevered from the side of a dock, boathouse, cottage or other surface.

“It’s a win-win situation,” explains Lindsay McCready, Aquadome sales coordinator. “You can add both style and function to your property without sacrificing strength.”



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