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Get more enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces

Spending ample time outside on your dock or deck is one of the joys of living in Muskoka. Soak in the sun, jump in the lake for a swim, or head out for a ride on the boat or PWC.

But, as many Muskoka residents and cottagers know all too well, there comes a time when you need a break from the intense rays of the sun, or shelter from an afternoon rain. Pergolas equipped with automated louvred roofs are the perfect solution, says Kevin Cardwell, owner of Muskokify.

“A pergola with a louvred roof lets you transform any dock or deck into an amazing outdoor living space,” explains Kevin.

The roof is made with heavy duty aluminum extruded louvres that can open 135 degrees allowing for full sun when open, full shade when closed or anything in between. The louvres can be controlled by remote or tied into your home automation for convenience.

Installing over a boat slip offers protection to your boats, PWCs, and other waterfront items.

“Pergolas are permanent structures, designed to stand up to the wind and offer protection from the sun and rain.” says Kevin. “Add privacy or UV screens to complete the bug free experience. In the cooler months, put out a heater for comfort during the shoulder seasons. Using the remote control or home automation abilities allow you to adjust for sun or shade at any time of the day with a touch of a button.”

Made in Oakville with Swiss engineering, the pergolas from Muskokify can be up to 20-feet long in one unit. The aluminum structure is maintenance free and designed to be in a wet environment; integrated water drains and a high quality, powder coat finish eliminate rust and rot.

Kevin also notes that installing integrated LED lighting allows you, your family, and guests to be comfortable well into the evening.

“You can get the best of all worlds,” says Kevin. “Spend as much time as you like enjoying the outdoors while avoiding the strong UV rays or rainfall.”



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