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As the seasons change, so do the type of pests

The black flies have died down, but the ants are still around. There are no mice in the basement, but the wasps in the yard are bigger and seem to be multiplying.

When one potential pest problem is done for the year, another is about to begin – and on it goes as the seasons change. To help with the ever-present pest issues that arise, the experts at Muskoka Pest Control are there year-round to protect your family, your investments, and your sanity.

“Each season brings new threats to beware of,” says Mark Sampson of Muskoka Pest Control. “Our team knows what to look out for in the spring, summer, fall and winter.”

It starts in the spring, when carpenter ants tend to be more visible as they awake from being dormant throughout the winter. In fact, carpenter ants can sometimes be seen during warm spells in February and March as the colony will send out scouts to see if the season has changed.

“If you’re seeing ants in your home or cottage at any time of year, it often means there are a lot more in hidden places,” explains Mark. “If you see some in the spring, or even slightly before, it’s a warning sign that needs to be heeded.”

July and August are primetime for wasp and hornet activity as their nests are now full grown, the individual adults are fully developed, and they’re out hunting for nourishment for the young. Although pregnant queens tend to wake up from winter hibernation in the spring, they spend those months building nests and expanding the colony. Most wasps die off in the fall.

“In the summer we see a lot more stings and issues with wasp nests,” says Mark, who has over 30 years experience in pest control. “If you find one on your property, call an expert to safely remove it.”

The fall is the time to be most aware of mice and other rodents. While they are happy to spend the warmer months in nature, they begin making their way indoors as the weather cools. It’s important to take care of potential mice issues right away because if they set up shop through the winter, they could cause serious problems.

Not only are they prone to chewing on electrical wires and building materials, they carry dangerous diseases like hantavirus, and contaminate food and living areas. They also breed quickly: an average female can produce 40 young annually.

Other concerns, especially in the winter, include cockroaches and bed bugs, while flies are a year-round nuisance. That’s why the experts at Muskoka Pest Control are on the job year-round.

“We’ll be there to protect you from native pests and nuisance wildlife when you need us – in all four seasons.”



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