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Great past, brighter future

Looking good leads to feeling good and, after a year and a half of pandemic life, it’s time to get those positive vibes flowing again.

Getting your shopping groove on is made easier when visiting the fashion experts at Muskoka Bay Clothing in downtown Gravenhurst.

For 18 years, owner Judy Terry and her team have been helping individuals look their best – from casual digs to high fashion formal wear – with many pieces that aren’t found in large retail outlets.

“The excited energy we’re getting from our customers visiting the store is amazing,” says Judy. “There is a special feeling you get from being out in public and the in-store experience of finding that perfect outfit. It just can’t be beat.”

That feeling is the emotional boost one gets from shopping for that perfect outfit; it’s commonly known as retail therapy and yes, it’s real, according to studies done in the last decade.

The experience is even better at Muskoka Bay Clothing, where the staff are affectionately referred to as Team Wardrobers. Customers often refer to Judy’s team as fashion wizards because they have a knack for picking outfits and accessories their clients adore.

“Wardrobing excites us,” says Judy. “We love to see that joyful gleam in our client’s eyes when they look in the mirror while wearing the perfect outfit.”

Even prior to in-store shopping being allowed again, Judy helped wardrobe many clients over the phone and curbside. After customers described their style to Judy, the Muskoka Bay Clothing team put together a selection of bottoms and tops to match their size and tastes, creating the perfect look and feeling for many clients.

Open 24-7… online
Although in-person shopping is the most fun, Muskoka Bay Clothing adapted during the pandemic to meet the needs of their clientele. Focusing on providing a user-friendly website for browsing and making purchases easier, they quickly started seeing orders coming from across Canada and the United States.

“We found a silver lining during the pandemic as we pivoted to increase our online presence,” says Judy. “It’s been wonderful for our loyal seasonal clients to have access all year-round, as well as opening ourselves up to a whole new market. Customers we may never have reached are finding us online.”

Since the website doesn’t close or need rest, it allows Muskoka Bay Clothing clients – both existing and new – to shop at their convenience. They can either make a purchase, or get an idea for what they want before visiting in-person.

Whether you have time for the in-store experience or prefer to shop online, the team at Muskoka Bay Clothing is ready to help and lend their expertise.



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