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Summer is a time when we want to look and feel our best, to reflect a natural radiance and a joyful glow. But sometimes it takes a little “extra” to get us to our goals.

“Patients will come in with a range of concerns and goals. It is our job as experts to understand not only their voiced concerns but also their preferences and needs along with the optimal solutions,” says Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, owner of Pearl Rejuvenation. “That is where we really shine.”

Dr. Pearlman is a world leader in medical aesthetics and women’s health. She is a master injector, an in-demand speaker and an Ontario Medical Association-certified expert consultant to other physicians.

At her clinic in Toronto and seasonal clinic in Muskoka, Dr. Pearlman and her team offer multiple medical paths toward ageless vitality. From personalized nutrition to hormone health, from Botox tweaks to facial contouring with fillers, to lasers and medical grade skincare, the offering is wide ranging, leading edge and totally customized to the needs of each patient.

What’s hot for summer?
With masks coming off this summer, sought-after treatments include lip enhancement, correction of under eye hollows, skin boosting treatments for pigment, redness and acne, and body sculpting.

“It has always been critical to me to offer solutions that will work well and safely in all skin types and for all indications,” Dr. Pearlman says. Seasonal shifts in care ensure that results can be achieved without added risks that can occur with sun exposure.

Body sculpting is always a hot topic for summer as we prepare to swap our winter layers for the bikini. “Non-surgical fat loss therapy and body sculpting treatments are in high demand,” Dr. Pearlman says.

With the most comprehensive and revolutionary range of options for targeted fat loss, skin tightening and muscle sculpting, the offering picks up where lifestyle may fall short. Body by Pearl offers customized solutions to help patients shed the extra pounds and tone areas that are unattainable through conventional training.

Beauty from within
“Through COVID-19, more than ever we see that true vitality must begin with self-care and optimal wellbeing of mind, body and spirit,” Dr. Pearlman says.

Her wholistic health team of nurses, nutritionists, fitness trainers and coaches offer targeted testing of hormones, nutrients, immune and metabolic markers.

Together they design a lifestyle and an integrative health plan to help patients look and feel their best.

As one of the largest wholistic women’s health clinics in Canada, Pearl Rejuvenation offers expert care to combat the common concerns at the pivotal milestones of aging.

A golden glow, dockside
The seasonal clinic offers the best summertime treatments that can be done with little to no downtime. A MesoGold skin stamping session blends a customized cocktail of peptides, growth factors, anti-oxidants, skin brighteners and hyaluronic acid in a gold tipped device to infuse the bioactive solution into the skin. Brighter, smoother, dewy skin can be achieved in minutes with virtually no pain or downtime.

“You can boat up to our clinic in Minett, receive a treatment, and head right to dinner,” says Dr. Pearlman. The clinic is open seven days a week, allowing every patient to enjoy a glorious summer of ageless vitality.



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