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Take your bath and kitchen to the next level with distinction

Adding an artistic flair to your bathroom or kitchen doesn’t always require a complete overhaul.

In fact, with design-oriented options from Brizo, it can be as easy as upgrading your faucets and handles, explain the experts from The Water Closet.

The Invari line from Brizo is particularly distinct, featuring handcrafted details, different styles, and a variety of finish options – from polished gold to luxe steel, as well as nickel and chrome – that allow it to blend seamlessly with any design.

“The nuances set these faucets apart,” says Rick Cooke, manager of The Water Closet. “The Invari line is inspired by Edwardian elegance, yet modernized to meet the luxurious desires of today. If you want a style all of your own, this is the line to explore.”

Choose from angled, arced, or column spouts for your vanity; or perhaps wall-mounted spouts and handles are your preference. Handles are available in cross-handles, wide-spread, or lever; with wide-spread handles featuring a black crystal knob that really sets off the aesthetics when paired with a chrome set.

Trendsetters’ choice
Bring the fashion world into your home or cottage with the Jason Wu for Brizo Kitchen Collection. The renowned artist and fashion designer brings an audaciously simple touch to this collaboration.

Featuring SmartTouch faucets in either arcs or square shapes, the Jason Wu line brings streamlined beauty to your kitchen. The SmartTouch Technology allows you to turn water on and off with a gentle touch of the faucet body, spout, or handle. It also can recognize the difference between a tap to activate water flow and a grasp to change the faucet position.

A bonus to the SmartTouch faucet is a temperature identification LED light feature that tells you how warm or cool the water is by changing colour.

It’s also a matter of a less-is-more design and it works: add a little of yourself by picking a wood, stainless or white handle to complement the matte white faucets.

“Everyone has been excited about matte black, which has been a strong trend for the last few years,” says Rick. “However, trendsetters are moving to matte white. Look for that finish to be everywhere in the next two years. That interchangeability of the handle really adds a touch of you to your environment.”

Ahead of the rave
Those wanting to be the first to own something need look no further than the Kintsu Bath Collection by Brizo. The line was just released in the second quarter of 2021.

An ode to both Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, the collection is intentionally imperfect. Available in onyx, black, nickel or silver, the Kintsu pieces are smooth and calming, perfect for those wanting a relaxing décor in their bath area.

The two-handle tub filler with knob handles is the perfect example of the design philosophy. There is no recognizable shape to the piece as a unit, but rather it involves an intricate set of angles and curves that somehow work together: which is exactly how wabi-sabi design is meant to be.

Made with solid brass, the Kintsu tub filler can be configured to be installed on decks, floors or wall mounts.

“This is one of those rare opportunities to be among the first people to feature these products in your home or cottage,” says Rick. “It’s also brilliant in its style and function.”

Jet Set
For the ultra-stylish individual who wants to subtly show their appreciation for American engineering comes a faucet set inspired by the geometric form like those seen on a Stealth Bomber.

Sotria by Brizo has an aerodynamic look, as if the faucet and handles could soar through the sky. Look at it straight on and there is the familiar triangle shape; view it from above and a rectangular form is visible; meanwhile the base of the faucet and handles are perfect circles.

“The geometrics in this particular faucet have melded into this one fantastic design,” says Rick.

With so many fantastic options, it’s a matter of choosing what you love best. The team at The Water Closet in Orillia can help you pick out the perfect fit that completes your home or cottage and reflects your personal style.



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